Miami Vice (PSP) Review.

  • What type of movies do you hate?
  • What type of games do you hate?

Ask a bunch of people these two questions and a lot of them will give you the same two answers:

  • Remakes.
  • Games based on Movies.

That doesn’t promote well for Miami Vice and it’s not a great game by any stretch of the imagination, but shocking as it may be it is a fairly decent game.

Miami Vice follows the action packed police raids performed by Miami detectives Rockett and Tubbs as they instigate there own personal war on drugs, as well as making some cash on the side.

The game has a very shallow story which funnily enough is a good thing because if it used the movie plot it would completely ruin the movie, which doesn’t premiere until August 10th. You get a choice between Rockett and Tubbs which only affects the look of your character, and you also have a choice of six upgradeable weapons and the choice of three sets of clothes, street clothes, a suit or full body armour. Each mission is pretty much the same, go through the level killing bad guys, occasionally blowing up meth labs and collecting secret items like drugs, med packs and Computer discs.

Every now and then you get a boat mission which couldn’t be more boring if it was a sail boat. The game play in the boat missions is incredibly simple, go forwards, turn, hold down shoot when you see an enemy, and apart from giving you a break from the 3rd person missions adds nothing to the game.

After each mission you get to buy weapons and clothing, and information on your next mission. You also can buy and sell drugs to make money, and at the police station you can play a hacking mini game, which is quite fun and very similar to Asteroids, to unlock the weapon upgrades and drug baron locations stored on the Computer discs hidden on each level.

Miami Vice is a 3rd person shooter with a controlling scheme very similar too Resident Evil 4 and it works very well with the PSP’s usually limiting controls and annoying Analog pad. When aiming the camera moves from the normal behind and above angle to just over your characters shoulder allowing you to aim using the guns laser pointer.

The Multiplayer while fun is only co-op so it doesn’t add much more to the game then single player does, and considering the well done manual aiming it would have been good to have a death match type multiplayer feature.

The audio is fairly good though the voice acting isn’t done by the movies stars Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell. The in game sound effects get the job done but are out shined by the catchy music.

Overall if I played Miami Vice on Xbox, PS2 or PC I would probably be disappointed but taking into consideration that this is a game made for a portable device I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt. With the most enjoyable aspect of the game being the well done control scheme, I can only hope that the company behind it (Rebellion) go on to make a similar but more plot driven and open ended game.


  • Freya

    Hmmn, sounds better than I had assumed…
    I still don’t think I will be jumping up and purchasing it, but maybe I wont bag on it so much.

  • I found more entertainment from the game then I did the movie, which was just bad.