Revision 3 v2.0


One of the lead companies in the online television scene is Revision3. Revision3 was formed in Los Angeles, California by Jay Adelson, Kevin Rose, Dan Huard, Keith Harrison and Ron Gorodetzky in April, 2005. Kevin and Dan bringing the original source of viewers as the both used to appear on the cable channel TechTV (also G4) in the show The Screensavers.

thebroken 02

There starting show was thebroken a show about the more shady side of technology; later they started their biggest hit Diggnation which was a news and discussion show about all the top stories on Digg; the social bookmarking website developed by Rose. The show is hosted by Kevin Rose and his former co-host of The Screensavers, Alex Albrecht.

They continued to create more shows including the cooking show Ctrl+Alt+Chicken hosted by Alex Albrecht and Heather Stewart. Revision3 also incorporated the geek podcast Geekdrome hosted by Jonathan London and Dan Trachtenberg.


Well that brings you somewhat up to date with the company so here’s the good news; Revision3 just went 2.0 and with that comes a new site, new forums and of course new shows. The new shows are:

Web drifter:

I have done little else but surf the Internet since the Clinton Administration. But then, one grievous day, I finished it. My life torn asunder, clawing for a reason to keep living, I decided to re-trace my steps, but this time, I wouldn’t do it online–this time, it would be for real. Journey with me now as I visit the physical loci of the most outrageous, surprising, intriguing and important websites I’ve bookmarked during my years of furious Internet surfing, actually going ‘behind the websites’ to get to know, and learn from, the time travellers, shamans, UFO cult leaders and other geniuses who created them. And who, you ask, am I? I am Martin Sargent: Web Drifter.

Mysteries of Science:

Ever wonder just how or why a particular scientific phenomenon is the way it is? Our crackpot scientist does, but not for long, as he provides the answers to life’s great mysteries every week in Mysteries of Science Explained.


Not Mainstream Typical Videos goes behind and inside the independent music scene. Whether it be a band interview, concert, or sound check. Not Mainstream will introduce you to different scenes and sounds.


Be amazed and learn as master digital artist Bert Monroy takes a stylus and a digital pad and treats it as Monet and Picasso do with oil and canvas. Learn the tips and tricks you need to whip those digital pictures into shape.

Well that’s all the new shows so head over to Revision3 and watch them, because its people like them that are pioneering the next generation of entertainment.