Review: Xzibit – Full Circle

1. Invade My Space
2. Rollin’
3. Ram Part Division
4. Say It To My Face
5. Scandalous Bitches
6. Concentrate
7. On Bail
8. Family Values
9. Black & Brown
10. The Whole World
11. Poppin’ Off
12. Movin’ In Your Chucks
13. Thank You

Alvin Nathaniel Joiner (Xzibit) has exploded into the world as a TV host, Musician and most importantly a Hip-Hop Idol. His Hip-Hop career began in 1996 when his underground debut hit album “At the Speed of Light” hit the charts. Since then his fan base has expanded, of course his persona Xzibit became more of what he was really about. With the love from his fans, the motivation to become bigger became more apparent. He struggled through his first few albums “40 Dayz & 40 Nightz, “Restless”, to establish his reputation as a musical artist. Though wasn’t until he released his Platinum album “Man vs. Machine” he became mainstream. “Symphony in X Major” and “Multiply” were chart topping hits of their time and was the foundation of his future career. With the success of the album he’s been featured in many films and TV shows such as the iconic “Pimp my Ride”. Now its 2006 and his 6th album has hit the scene. “Full Circle” has already has its fair share of success, but is it his best work? Well it’s flawed to say the least.

It seems Xzibit has tried to take his style in a new direction. You’ll notice it the minute the album begins. It twists the bass pumpin, head knockin beats his other albums contained. It’s like he’s trying to follow the style of 50 cent, which by no means is a good thing. The music and lyrics seem to be rushed and care has been neglected where it counts the most. It seems like he’s been warn out and relies on his featuring artists to fill the gaps. 7 out 14 tracks contain featuring artists which dilute the music and makes you think your listening to an amateur mix tape. Though not all is lost, fortunately a return of his skit adds a flavour of humour to the mix and not all the tracks were sub-par. The ones that stood out for me was “Concentrate” and “Thank You”. These songs truly showcase Xzibits talents. They have style, attitude and most important no featuring artists. “Concentrate” shares the same vibe as “Multiply”, loud and catchy. But “Thank You” takes you deeper into the heart of Xzibit. A very meaningful song that gives thanks to his fans that stood by him in his musical journey, and by all means portrays him self as a role-model for all rappers to follow.

By all means Xzibit hasn’t failed himself on this album. But for someone as cool and as experienced as him you would want better. If you are new to Xzibit and want to get into his music I advise you don’t start with this album. His previous albums showcase him far better than his latest offering. That said though it is worthy in your music collection mainly, even if it is a reminder of what it could’ve been.

Xzibit – Concentrate:

Xzibit – Thank You (Live on Late Show with David Letterman):