Getting your groove on the Wii.

While the Gamecube had a small selection of rhythm and dance games, it surely wasn’t up to its other console competitors. Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix provided a small burst of DDR action, but nothing like what was provided on PS2 and XBOX. Donkey Konga was fun, but nothing revolutionary.

Irrelevant to revolutions and past titles, the Nintendo Wii will be a different story. Within one week, both Konami and Red Octane announced that their rockin’ and dancin’ juggernaut titles will be hitting the Wii.


Dance Dance Revolution on Wii will use both a dance-pad and the wii-mote for players to dance with. Titled “Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party”, it’ll boast 4 player support with a variety of new modes.


The Guitar Hero announcement left quite a few details missing. All we know for sure at this stage is that we’ll be rocking out on both Wii and DS. While some sources are claiming the Wii version will come with it’s own Gibson-S style guitar controller, details from Activision are minimal.

  • and there I was thinking that the first screenshot was space channel 5.

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