Australia software pirate extradited to the US

Australian Hew Griffiths is facing up to ten years in a United States prison for pirating, cracking and distributing American owned software. The US authorities are boasting this as a big triumph as it is one of the first extraditions for intellectual property crime.


NSW Chief Judge in Equity, Peter Young had this to say on the matter: “International copyright violations are a great problem. However, there is also the consideration that a country must protect its nationals from being removed from their homeland to a foreign country merely because the commercial interests of that foreign country are claimed to have been affected by the person’s behaviour in Australia and the foreign country can exercise influence over Australia.

Personally I have always believed that people should be punished for crimes, even international ones, in their home country. Which would mean that Hew Griffiths would do his time in an Australian prison, making it much easier to ensure his rights and privileges according to Australian law. This of course is never going to happen and we just sent a fellow Aussie to get shower raped by a fat redneck named Bubba.

Source: The Age