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It’s that time again folks, when we are growing so big our pants no longer fit… and we need to buy new pants. You’re the new pants in that analogy and the growing is due to the huge increase in readers and content in-flow. Simply put to give you guys the best reviews on the top movies, games and music we need more reviewers. Last time we recruited we hit the jack pot with Starks, who was glad to be sent to many a movie premiere or advanced screening. So if you are interested in expressing your views on the latest games, movies and music, you should probably consider joining our crack team of writers.

We will consider each applicant based on:

Writing skills: If your email includes, “I g00d wRiTiNg 5killz”, don’t waste our time.

Humour: We like our reviews and news article to be informative but the main reason people would want to read anything on our site is to be entertained. So the funnier you are the better your chances just don’t go over the top.

Location: Where you live determines what events you can go to, and one of the main perks of writing for us is the cool events and movie screenings.

Time: You have to be willing to put in your time. Obviously this isn’t a paying job so we don’t expect you to spend massive amounts of time on us, but if you are given a review to do we expect you to complete it as timely as possible. Also the more you can contribute to the news updates the better.

Open Mind: To quote Kuato (that disgusting mutant coming out of the dudes stomach in Total Recall) “Open your mind”. Basically don’t be too much of a fanboy, we don’t mind if you have strong opinions but when you’re reviewing you need to be able to take both sides of the argument and find both the good and bad points about something.


To apply for a position at please email your application to Be sure to include your information as well as an example of your writing.

  • Lord Halo Nerd

    Hey is there an age limit at all? I am 14 will I still be able to apply?

  • We prefer that you’re older then 15 just so you can review movies or games that are MA15+. Feel free to apply though LHN as this isn’t set in stone and we are willing to make exceptions, as long as your other prospects are good.

  • Lord Halo Nerd

    Thats good then I will try straight away

  • Liam aka gumbuoy

    hey guys, are people from Australia eligible to apply?

  • Yep, this is an Australian based site.