Game Damage Premiere – New TV Show Featuring Yahtzee, Yug and Matt


Premiered in person at eGames ’08 was a brief preview of a new TV series being created and pitched worldwide by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw (Zero Punctuation) as well as Yug and Matt (Australian Gamer); Game Damage.

Game Damage Intro

Described as “The Chaser’s War On Everything meets Top Gear… about video games” by Yug, the threesome are currently pitching the pilot to networks worldwide so visit the official site, get on the forums and let them know what you think of it as a whole new fusion of gaming media emerges.

Finally there seems to be a show about video games that isn’t dressed up corporate dolls bouncing from one promotion to the next but instead a genuine program made by real gamers that will discuss, critique and make fun of video games.

Rumours of the full pilot being shown at tomorrow nights Game On Nights event have been circulating so expect more to evolve on this scene very soon.

Check out the footage from the eGames panel below –

eGames ’08 Game Damage Preview

  • Jamwa

    Man I love that super gay boy-band action jump at the end.

  • Brady

    Haha, Yahtzee and super gay go together SO WELL!