Crackle cracks me up


I believe the internet is the future of video serial entertainment but for a long time the only example of this I have been able to use has been the Revision3 network which consistently creates programming that rivals the TV networks in quality. The problem that Revision3 has is that they currently have very few shows that appeal to a wider audience outside of their base tech geek demographic. Even beyond that a decent percentage of internet users aren’t looking for hours of entertainment they don’t have the time or patience for it (I’m not one of them btw) and the majority of Revision3’s quality entertainment is within hour long shows and even now with the daily 5 minute versions of their shows they lack most of the entertainment and interest that the full sized episodes contain.

So with this in mind I started checking out the internet video network Crackle from Sony Pictures Entertainment. Early in Crackles life I thought I had just stumbled upon another internet media failure like so many before it. However along came the Jace Hall Show which was a fantastic mix of exclusive video game news, scripted and unscripted humour that enticed me enough to check out more of Crackles programming to find anymore hidden gems. So here are my picks for the best of Crackle and some of the best internet based video serials on the web.

The Jace Hall Show

Anytime with Bob Kushell

Ever wanted you own talk show? Bob Kushell did, so using the connections he’s made as an award winning TV writer he has one. Sure it’s only 5 minutes long and is filmed in a garage but it still counts, he has a show band and everything.


During the 90’s two of my favourite shows were Married with Children and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. Now a full decade later former child stars David Faustino and Corin Nemec write and star in this exaggerated and hilarious version of their lives. It also features some hilarious guest stars including Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate, Seth Green, Coolio, Gilbert Gottfried, Seán Cullen and more.

  • Brady

    You sir have created a fan! Long live Crackle and DOWN WITH TV! I’m kind of glad we only have 5 free to air TV stations over here because it limits all the crap that can be broadcasted, although the 15 new digital stations this year could curse us all. Oh and I found this a while ago, funny stuff for those of you that also think that TV is Satan.