The Lobby feat. The Bazura Project


For regular readers or anyone who reads the dates on articles you probably would have noticed a decisive lack of updates on recently. This is due to a few things, like that pesky thing called life getting in the way, but mostly I have been hard at work producing a new internet video debate show for Privateer Productions called The Lobby.

Here is the first episode and despite being rough and myself rambling on way to much, I think it turned out OK. Big thanks to Lee and Shannon from the hit C31 program The Bazura Project for being our guests.

THE LOBBY is a pop-culture entertainment debate show with a great atmosphere and some fun competition. Produced by Melbourne based studio Privateer Productions, THE LOBBY is hosted by SYN FM presenter Simon J. Green or internet journalist James “Jamwa” Walker, who challenge our guests with topics and issues from their respective fields. But they don’t get off that easy; they must also face THE LOBBY’s home team featuring Liam Marcon, editor and film journalist for the pop-culture website and Will Owen co-founder of , “Australia’s guide to all things geeky”.

Host: Simon J. Green OR James “Jamwa” Walker
Home Team: Liam Marcon and Will Owen

Producer: Liam Marcon
Exectutive Producer: Robert Wiggett
Filmed at Privateer Production Studios