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  • milosbozic

    Hey there guys, it might be late for this but i thought 'here goes nothing'. I felt like writing something about James Cameron's Avatar. This movie is…i would have to say (without having a Colombian FRA soldier pointing an AK-47 at my head and forcing me to write this) it was a great movie. Visually it is quite stunning with the added bonus of 3D making the experience more in your face than ever before. Now like all great movies that rely on special effects and other magical gizmos, I was initially worried about how the story was going to be told because lets face it, if James had this idea for 10 years and 3 hours to portray what he wanted, it wasn't going to be easy, not by a long shot. With that being said i think the characters could have been (on a deeper level) explored more, there past etc, which brings me to disprove my claim all together and say, “Well it's not about the past, its about whats happening now”. True. That was done without a hitch. But still, i kind of 'need' to have that like many people that i heard say as i left the cinema asking about Sam Worthington's character's past.. it was non-existent (to a point). Everyone's a movie critic after a run at the movies, but i can honestly say this movie was great and deserves another run.

    Well this was done very quickly but since it says “:tell us about yourself” here goes (i sure hope i get a rose) Well I'm Milos Bozic, im 20 i love everything about movies, which is something i am going to study and one day become a director,editor or anything really at this point (maybe even acting who knows). But i think overall this site is fantastic, so keep up the good work guys.


    Your friendly neighborhood white guy
    Milos B.