Speaking of Animation interview Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois

I hope some of you managed to catch How To Train Your Dragon in theaters (and 3D) and got as much out of it as I did. If you did that I also highly recommend you listen to this wonderful interview on the Speaking Of Animation podcast which interviews the directors and co-writers, Dean DeBois and Chris Sanders. As well as talking about their excellent work on How To Train Your Dragon, they also talk a bit about their past work, including of course directing and writing Lilo And Stitch when they were at Disney.

Podcast: How To Train Your Dragon directors Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois

Spoilers ahead though – so listen only if you’ve seen the film.

This interview is part master class in storytelling, part behind the scenes and all of it is fascinating. Run by Dreamworks animators and staffers, The Speaking Of Animation podcast is aimed at animators, but the show is excellent for filmmakers and film fans of all kinds. Take special note of Chris and Dean’s stories on how various story elements of How To Train Your Dragon were conceived and added, because you can see in the final product how well these ideas end up supporting and plusing the story by an order of magnitude.