Sharpen your skills with new hardware from Razer

Continuing to strengthen their presence in the PC hardware scene Razer have announced a new line-up of up-coming peripherals featuring the Starcraft II name.

This includes a new mouse, keyboard and headset each featuring all sorts of cool features and pretty lights. All of these devices feature Razer’s APM-Lighting system that changes colours and vibrancy based on a game’s situation.

This headset isn’t short on features with a detachable boom mic and 8 preset equalizer settings. The Starcarft II logo and APM-measuring lights make it look fancy with sound isolating padding for comfort and quality.

The Spectre mouse apart from basically looking cool is the best at utilising the APM-Lighting system with multiple colour displays that can be synced to change based on game alerts. We all know a proper gaming mouse can’t just look cool, so the Spectre clocks in at a massive 1000hz creating a total 1ms delay and even features an adjustable actuation force on the leftclick button.

One particularly useful feature of this decked out keyboard is the ability to record and save macros on-the-fly with up to 10 configurable profiles. This could come in real handy for serious RTS players that like to plan out their strategies.

I can certainly say these devices are looking nice. Razer have been making a name for themselves over the past few years and they seem to have the needs of the pro gamer in mind. Only a rough release date of 3rd Quarter 2010 is currently known, with prices as follows –

Razer Banshee – $119.99 US

Razer Spectre – $79.99 US

Razer Marauder – $119.99 US