The Official Space Meat Podcast – Episode 01: Walken vs. Wild

Decades of training, years in the making, minutes to set up, seconds to f*** up. The Official Space Meat Podcast is here!

Hosted by site founder and editor Liam Marcon, listen as he chats popular culture news and topics with fellow Space Meat writers and even the occasional special guest.

In this pilot episode Liam is joined by the newest member of the Space Meat team and most regular co-host, Van! Formally of the popular podcast, Geeks of Hazzard, Van isn’t new to the podcasting scene. An accomplished critic and lover of all things motorcar related, at first glance you might not even notice the nerd clawing to get out.

The topics of interest in this first outing are wild and unwieldy but despite many derails we manage to discuss all things Avengers and other Comic-Con heroes, the possible Total Recall remake, and what we’ve been digging on the small screen.

Intro music is “Not Your Enemy” by Megaphone, via of Podsafe Audio.


  • What Edgar Wright actually said was more along the lines that the kind of origin story that he was telling didn’t work as part of the lead in to the Avengers. The Ant-man movie that he is making will TOTALLY be part of the Marvel movies universe. It just wasn’t going to work within the current arc.

    I still think that we’ll see a cameo (of Pym?) in the Avengers movie. But, that’s just my guess.

  • Oh cool, thanks for clearing that up Elroy. I think I only saw the first rumour reports and because I’m such a professional I didn’t follow up at all. 😉

    To be honest I would rather see Wright’s version of the current Ant Man, who is a criminal and a pervert. Though it will be interesting to see how Wright handles Pym’s darker side.

  • Kev (from Geeks of Hazzard)

    Damn! When did Geeks of Hazzard get popular?

  • Kev (from Geeks of Hazzard)

    Also, re: GOH/SM threeway = “The Meats of Hazzard”.

  • Kyle

    Really good first episode – very casual and entertaining. Two things though – you missed Spiderman being set in New York when trying to come up with a superhero that lives in a real world city. And the other thing is: way to totally misinterpret my argument about Tron Legacy. The main point I argued is that the film seemed to be an unnecessary sequel. My gripe also wasn’t with use of shiny new CGI, but with the drastic shift in art direction and more serious tone – which is completely removed from the modern technology side of things. Other than that, great show. ^^