After Hours Series 3 on NetGameRadio

After Hours Series 3 premieres tonight on NetGameRadio, and by tonight I mean 30 minutes ago. Yep we’re live right now and will be each Saturday night from 10pm.

I’ll be a joining the NGR guys on the show regularly throughout the season to chat video games and other geekery. So check it out!

After Hours Series 3 explodes onto the airwaves tonight. Join Bench, Josh, and the nGR boys (and girls) for a night on the town…. well, the virtual town. Joining us as a regular is After Hours veteran, Liam Marcon as well as a few other community favourites.

Team Fortress 2 is where we’ll be hanging out once again thanks to BestGN, TF2 #8 unless we have to move. Jump in IRC or Vent and give us your opinion, who knows you might even make it on the show as has happened in the past for the faithful fans of the mayhem that is After Hours.