Join the writing team!

We’ve been using this image for over 4 years and it’s still not funny!

You may have noticed the recent increase in competitions and decrease in articles on the site. The reason behind this is we continue to get contacted by friendly PR companies and publishers, which is without a doubt fantastic news.

However, personally fantastic but organisationally frustrating is the continued success of each member of the Space Meat team, which results in us all having less and less time to write articles and reviews.

To combat the oncoming fiend that is real life, we are looking to swell the ranks, bring in flesh blood, troll for newbs, etc.

If you think you have what it takes to get paid nothing, have your scratchings crudely edited and slapped onto a 12th rate entertainment blog, APPLY NOW! Details below:

    • No pay but perks! Being a smallish website we can’t afford to pay our writing team, however as a member of our team you would gain access to the perks of being broadly and occasionally labelled as “media”.


    • Perks can include: access to advanced film screenings, event press passes, review copies of films, DVDs or video games, your own custom email address and various other worthless crap.


    • You don’t have to take yourself seriously but for the love of lovecraft take your writing seriously. Space Meat is here to entertain and so should your articles; however that doesn’t mean you can get away with bad spelling, poor grammar and nothing but ALL C@PS 1337 SP3@K.


    • Your application should tell us a little about yourself and be long enough for us to be able to judge your skill as a writer. Include a sample review or article for bonus points!


    • Irregular hours! Many of the invitations to screenings and press events we receive happen during normal working hours. So if you have a job that allows flexibility, you will be able to attend more events.


  • Location, location, location! We will consider all applications, however we are specifically looking for writers based in Melbourne and Sydney.

Send your applications here with the subject “Writer Application”.

Good luck!