Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Developer: Danger Close
Publisher: EA
Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Reviewed on: Xbox 360 & PC


Well here it is folks, EA’s latest multi-million dollar ‘hey we’re cool like COD’ shooter. Yes EA has made it incredibly easy to be cynical about their big releases what with their corporate attitude & business practices both being what they are, but despite all that is Medal of Honor: Warfighter worth a look?

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Exclusive: Kevin Smith reveals cartoon details in Melbourne

At the Jay & Silent Bob Get Old performance in Melbourne, Australia, Kevin Smith shed some new light on the animated project his long-term ‘heterosexual life-partner’ actor Jason Mewes has been working on for the past six months in collaboration with Steve Stark the creator of the popular YouTube series SModimation, which takes audio clips from the shows on Smith’s podcast network & animates them wonderfully.

The project is a movie called Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, that will be a blend of animation and live action footage featuring Smith & Mewes, adapted by Mewes from a script Smith had written years earlier. The project will mark the first time the pair have donned the costumes of their iconic characters since the closing chapter of Smith’s ‘New Jersey Chronicles’ film saga, 2006’s Clerks 2.

No word has been put forth yet as to a release window or distribution platform for the project, but if there’s one thing we know about Kevin Smith it’s that he’ll be shouting from the rooftops about it the second both are a lock. I for one cannot wait!

Review: Asura’s Wrath

Developer: CyberConnect2/Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Available on: PS3, Xbox 360
Reviewed on: PS3

Asura’s Wrath was a game I’d little followed since its announcement as generally I hold little interest in games so intensely ‘Japanese’, so when a review copy fell into my lap I ventured into the experience largely blind. This is a rare thing for me and something I’m starting to really appreciate in this age of perpetual hype and teasers upon teasers leading up to release, but I digress.

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‘Hangover’ director’s un-aired HBO doc ‘Frat House’ surfaces

Todd Phillips is one of the most successful writer/director/producer’s in the adult-oriented comedy movie scene these days with huge box office winners to his name such as Old School, Road Trip and The Hangover films, but years before all the hits and fame he assembled with the help of fellow director Andrew Gurland a curious little documentary for HBO about the American college fraternity experience.

Frat House was the result and it has the dubious honour of being the only doc commissioned by HBO that never actually ended up going to air even after winning the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at the 1998 Sundance film festival.

A controversy arose around the events depicted being so extreme that many people refused to believe they were not staged, even in spite of Phillips and Gurland’s assurances that everything that captured was completely real and that they often could not believe what they were witnessing themselves.

After passing into near myth and legend, the film has finally emerged online in its entirety and is well worth the 1 hours watch. It’s a really great and darkly entertaining piece that also has the added benefit now of providing insight into a lot of where Phillips’s later fictional works came from.

Review | 007: Blood Stone

Developer – Bizarre Creations
Publisher – Activision
Available On – Xbox 360 / Playstation 3
Reviewed On – Xbox 360

Two James Bond games hit the shelves this week, and rather unusually it’s the Wii exclusive one that’s got everyone excited. The other is this, Blood Stone. Bizarre Creations, the house that Project Gotham racing and Geometry Wars built’s first stab at crafting an action game since 2008’s super weird yet highly underrated The Club. How is it? Well pretty damn ‘meh’ unfortunately.

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Review: Tomorrow When the War Began

I know I’ll lose a lot of respect from friends and relatives in admitting this but I never read any of John Marsden’s critically acclaimed and fanatically loved young adult book series growing up. Crazy and unbelievable I know, but I guess I was just the sort of kid who was more concerned with where his next hit of creamy 16 bit video game goodness was coming from. So yes, I went in to this film fairly ignorant about the story and completely clueless as to the tone of the series. Continue reading Review: Tomorrow When the War Began

Review: Green Day Rock Band

Developer – Harmonix Music Systems / Demiurge Studios
Publisher – EA
Available On – Xbox 360 / Playstation 3 / Wii
Reviewed On – Xbox 360

Because it was the obvious next step after The Beatles right?


It’s almost moot to talk about these games at this point. Everyone out there seems to either be a die hard Rock Band fan or a dedicated Guitar Hero or they just have absolutely zero interest in plastic musical instrument games whatsoever, but whatever, we’re here so let’s talk about the latest full band rhythm game to hit the scene, Green Day: Rock Band. Continue reading Review: Green Day Rock Band

Review: Heavy Rain

Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Available on: Playstation 3

The long awaited and greatly hyped Playstation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain is finally here. Is it as great and game-changing as we’d all been promised? Well, unfortunately no.

It’s just about impossible to talk about the game without spoiling the plot so I’ll try to keep this review as focused as possible on the mechanics and design.

You play as four people, weaving in and out of each others lives, who have all been touched in some way by the Origami Killer. A person who has been gripping the city with fear the past three years and whose modus operandi is to kidnap young boys, drown them in rainwater, then leave the bodies to be found by the railroad tracks with a small origami animal left in one hand and an orchid laying across their chest. Yep, if you hadn’t have guessed it already the world of Heavy Rain is made from pretty grim stuff.

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Upcoming Event: Brisbane & Melbourne Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2010

The guest line-up and dates for this years Supanova expo for Brisbane & Melbourne were recently announced, and this year there are a couple of pretty big names in the world of geekdom appearing, most notably Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Spike himself James Marsters and legendary fantasy artist Boris Vallejo.

April 9-11, RNA Showgrounds
April 16-18, Royal Showgrounds

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