The Tintin Trilogy

Tintin and Snowy

The Adventures of Tintin is a comic book series that was created by Georges Remi (better known as Hergé) in 1929 and over time has spawned several adaptations including a video game, two animated series, stage plays and live action films. So it’s highly likely that you’ve heard of the escapades of journalist Tintin and his canine companion, Snowy. The latest adaptation of the Hergé creation is an animated trilogy of films. The production is in early stages of development and details are scarce, but read on and find out what is known and what could be.

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Australian Films Underway

Sweet cheesy Jesus there are a lot Australian features being made. Last time I checked out the in-production section of Inside Film we had half a dozen features in the works. But now at the time of writing, we have five in development, nine in pre-production, ten in production and thirty-one in post production. Not to mention that this list isn’t comprehensive either, for example, From Parts Unknown isn’t on this list. The point is that Australia has a lot of feature films in the works right now. Whether all of these films will make to completion is up for debate, but only time will tell.

Using a highly mathematical method, I picked out a few films to look into.

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X-Men Spin-off Shooting in Australia

A spin off to the X-Men film franchise, Wolverine will be starting shooting in Australia and New Zealand this December. Over a six to eight week shooing period from December to January, the film will be shot in Queenstown and Central Otago in New Zealand was well as the Fox Studios in Sydney. Afterwards shooting will move up to New Orleans in America.

Originally, the film was going to be shot in Canada instead of Australia and New Zealand. However, this was changed to make things easier for lead actor Hugh Jackman (who reprises his role as the title character) in the event of a re-shoot. Presently, Hugh Jackman is filming on Baz Lurhmann’s war epic, Australia. There has been some fan concern that the switch from Canada will mean that the Weapon X Project won’t be a part of the films plot. The Weapon X Project was a storyline in the comics about the Canadian Government experimenting on people and turning them into living weapons; Wolverine was one of these people. The Weapon X Project is a staggeringly huge story within X-Men comic universe and fans can rest easy that Weapon X is confirmed to be a large part of the plot in the film.

The New Orleans location also hints that the card flinging mutant Gambit will be a part of the film as New Orleans’ was the characters hometown. Not to mention that Gambit sported a thick New Orleans’ accent in the animated cartoons. This is good news, as Gambit was sorely lacking in all three of the previous X-Men films.

On another note, director Gavin Hood and writer David Benioff are completely new to the X-Men series, so it will interesting to see what these people do with the film. Wolverine has a planned release date of May 1st in 2009 in America.

Liam’s Notes:

In other Wolverine news it has been announced that the full title of the film will be X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which probably means the upcoming Magneto film will follow suit with X-Men Origins: Magneto.

Also in a very mild spoiler it has been confirmed Weapon X creator William Stryker will be the baddie in the film. Previously the villain in X-Men 2 played by Brian Cox, this Stryker will be a much younger, Liev Schrieber.

Review: Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil 3 Extinction poster

To be honest, I have never seen any of the other Resident Evil movies or played any of the games. Shameful, I know, but it does provide me the vantage point of viewing the film on its own terms. As for understanding the plot, I had no trouble. All the information you need going into the movie is that there are lots of zombies, the Umbrella corporation is behind it and Alice (Milla Jovavich) kicks ass. The film creates a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by zombies, leaving few human survivors. The creation of this world is quite impressive with hundreds of decaying undead overwhelming decaying buildings that are surrounded by desert in all directions. It looks great and feels reminiscent of Tank Girl and the Mad Max films. In this barren wasteland food, petrol and cigarettes are in short supply. However, makeup appears to be plentiful. It also appears that the survivors of the zombie plague tend to be young, attractive men and women. However, if a human character is ugly or wears a suit, you know they’re evil. Speaking of evil characters, the chairman of the Umbrella Corporation would win the award for worst costume design with his blonde hair, sunglasses and suit combo. And despite the situation, survivors of the zombie plague always seem to make time to apply makeup, eyeliner and cut their hair nicely. The most disheveled a face gets in this movie is being a bit unshaven. Or getting mauled by a zombie.

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