Review | Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

DeveloperIO Interactive
Available on – Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Reviewed on – Xbox 360

Having never played Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, Dog Days was an interesting introduction to “gaming’s two most notorious criminals“. The game’s multiplayer demo showed a lot of promise and I was quite looking forward to trying the full game. What I found was not at all what I was expecting. Continue reading Review | Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

Red Faction: Armageddon debut

On Monday, THQ announced their development of Red Faction: Armageddon, the sequel to their 2009 ‘smash’ title Red Faction: Guerrilla. Like the prequel, it will be developed by Volition, who also create the Saints Row series. The game is set to release in March of 2011 and will follow the story of Darius Mason, grandson to RF: Guerrilla’s Alex Mason, and will travel below the surface of Mars. Players can expect a range of new weapons including a “magnet gun” and will enter a number of different environments such as ice caves and lava tubes. The most interesting aspect of this announcement for me is the inclusion of a multiplayer co-operative mode separate to the single player campaign.

Read on for more info and the debut teaser trailer. Continue reading Red Faction: Armageddon debut

Review: Dark Void

Developer – Airtight Games
Publisher – CAPCOM
Available on – Xbox 360, PS3,PC
Reviewed on – Xbox 360

Dark Void is a refreshing new IP developed by near unheard of Airtight Games and published by CAPCOM. The game takes place during the dawn of the second world war. It follows the story of a cargo pilot William Augustus Grey, who crashes into the Bermuda triangle and winds up in an inescapeable dementional in-between called ‘the Void’ in which a highly technologically advanced species of other-dimensional aliens called ‘Watchers’ rule. Will joins a resistance of people trapped in the void, including Nikola Tesla (father of commercial electricity), and accompanied by a love interest from his past (Eva), he must fight for his survival and search for a way out of ‘the Void’.

The game introduces a number of interesting game mechanics, including a jet-pack, and a strange verticle fighting mechanic, in which you cover behind ledges as you climb up and down cliffs or buildings. The game begins without a jet-pack on a jungle island where your plane has crashed, for the first forty minutes or so you fight against Watcher guards as you are led to a village of surviving humans. During this part the game plays very much like a poor-man’s Uncharted, this is not hurt by the fact that Will is voiced by Nolan North. Once you reach the village you meet with Nikola Tesla and he asks you to help him collect some parts for an invention of his he is working on, he gives you a proto-type jet-pack he has been working on to help you obtain the parts, this is where the game gets interesting.

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Review: GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City

Developer – Rockstar Games
Publisher – Take-Two Interactive
Available on – Xbox 360

If you were like me and thought that Grand Theft Auto IV was the biggest disappointment of 2008 (if not your life), then it may be useful that you can obtain both expansion packs on a disk, thus allowing you to play them without the accursed original disk to GTAIV that you traded in at your earliest convenience. The two Xbox 360 (timed) exclusive DLC packs add approximately eight hours each to your game-play and both follow new characters instead of Niko from the original title. The Lost and the Damned (tLatD) follows Johnny Klebitz, a prominent member of one of Liberty Cities Motorcycle gangs, The Lost MC. The Ballad of Gay Tony follows the story of Luis Lopez, right hand man to the owner of both Liberty Cities most popular gay and straight nightclubs. Continue reading Review: GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City

Review: Darksiders


Developer – Vigil Games
Publisher – THQ
Available on – Xbox 360, PS3
Reviewed on – Xbox 360

Darksiders is the product of every 90s gamers fantasy, being thrown quite literally into the apocalypse. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has been remade for the current generation and overall it’s a good experience. Darksiders follows the story of “War”, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, whose coming signifies the end of days and the breaking of the seven seals, who is called to bring judgment on the three armies of Heaven, Hell and Earth. The game begins with War arriving on earth to discover that the seventh seal has not been broken, but either the armies of Heaven, or the Hordes of Hell have begun the war early. Given that his brethren have not to been called he is defeated by a Demon, “Straga”. The overseers of balance, “The Council”, blame War for leading into the apocalypse early, and he ends up having to find out who are involved and punish them to clear his name, and so begins our journey. Continue reading Review: Darksiders

Review: Scribblenauts


The Nintendo DS has repetitively become a location for less and less enjoyable gaming experiences since it was launched, so much so that to some it has become an area only inhabited by Pokemon continuations or rehashes (depending on which side of the fence you live on). There have been a few titles over the past few years that have spiked interest in me, only to become a disappointment, like Drawn to Life and FFIII and IV, even my beloved Pokemon finally became a let-down to me. This isn’t to say that the DS hasn’t been able to provide me with some small level of satisfaction, namely in Line Rider Unbound and Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and it was with these in mind that I picked up Scribblenauts, by 5th Cell, ignoring their previous disappointment in another of my blind attempt to justify having a DS at all.

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