THQ Q1 2011 Preview

The fine folks at THQ Melbourne once again opened their doors to the Space Meat team for a preview of their upcoming and just launched titles. As usual we all had a great time hanging with our fellow Melbourne video game media and checking out what THQ had coming out in the near future.

Personally I went into this preview with not much knowledge and not a lot of interest but I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of titles and as a jaded and busy critic I’m not that easily surprised.

Hit “more” for our first impressions of some of the latest THQ titles.

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Upcoming | Armageddon Expo 2010

Armageddon Expo 2010

The annual Melbourne Armageddon Expo is nearly here. It’s a fun pop-culture expo with guests from film, TV, animation and comic books.

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
October 16 & 17, 2010

Some of the guests:
John Dimaggio (Bender in Futurama)
Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG-1)
David Faustino (Bud Bundy on Married with Children)
Michal Biehn (Terminator, Abyss, Aliens, Grindhouse)
Ben Browder (Farscape, Stargate SG-1)
Paul Mcgann (Doctor Who, Alien 3)
Michelle Forbes (True Blood, BSG)
Bruce Hopkins (Lord of the Rings)
Lexa Doig (Stargate SG-1, Andromeda)
Jennifer Blanc (Dark Angel)
Torri Higinson (Stargate Atlantis)
Lloyd Kaufman (Director Troma Films)
Claudia Christian (Ivanova in Babylon 5)
Miracle Laurie (November in Dollhouse)
Sylvester Mccoy (the 7th Doctor Who)
Sophie Aldred (Ace in Doctor Who)
Juliet Landau (Drusilla in Buffy and Angel)

Official Site:
Melbourne show guide
Melbourne guest pictures

Upcoming | BAM: Battle Arena Melbourne 2010 Oct 2 & 3

If you’re a lover of the crouch punch and spend your afternoons quarter-circling your way to victory, then you shouldn’t miss the second annual Battle Arena Melbourne fighting game tournament. Presented by CouchWarriors and sponsored by THQ, Madman Entertainment, and Sega Australia.

Battle Arena Melbourne
When: October 2 & 3
Where: CQ, Event Room 2, 123 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

The game line-up includes Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, Blazblue Continuum Shift, Virtua Fighter 5, Soul Calibur 4, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Super Smash Bros Brawl & Melee, plus DIY and Social play.

Check out the official site for all the info:

The Mana Bar Expands!

Happy Days!

Any adult gamer that likes to get their drink on should have checked out the Mana Bar by now, with all the press and positive reception going on it’s hard not to hear about the nightlife bar taking over Brisbane’s Valley district with geeks getting into video games and custom themed drinks.

Well with all the raging success the venue’s team have announced that Mana Bar will be opening new locations in Melbourne, Sydney and internationally with local venues opening before the end of the year.

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Melbourne Anime Festival August 20th to 22nd

The Melbourne Anime Festival (Manifest) is running this weekend at the Melbourne Showgrounds and has the theme ‘Mecha VS Magic’ in this incarnation (it’s 11th year running). Expect to see various panels on how to get into anime and Japanese culture as well as more specific genres of anime such as mecha anime. That said, the convention isn’t just for anime but rather Japanese culture as whole with panels and events catered to those who enjoy the lolita fashion style and others of its kind (Fruits), mecha, Ball Jointed Dolls in addition to the mainstream anime itself.

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Event Update: Supanova Brisbane & Melbourne 2010


The annual geek tradition that is Supanova hits Brisbane this weekend and Melbourne the weekend after. They are lining up some great guests and exhibits so make sure not to miss it!

April 9-11 | April 16-18
RNA Showgrounds | Royal Showgrounds

Some of the standouts appearing in both Brisbane and Melbourne include Karl Urban (Star Trek, Lord of the Rings), James Masters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Corin Nemec (Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Stargate SG1), and as if Spike wasn’t enough to make the fan girls squeel Twilight: New Moon star Alex Meraz will also be attending both events. As well as those big names there are a plethera of great animation and comic book artists and actors.

Also for the first time Supanova Brisbane will be hosting a Director’s Day on Friday 9th April, a must attend for any film fan or budding filmmaker.

The Director’s Day will include screenings of the films Dying Ice, Street Angel, Braille, and Carmilla Hyde. As well as panels by some film makers including directors Peter and Michael Spierig and producer Chris Brown, whose latest film was the vampire action horror, Daybreakers.

For more info and to book tickets head to the Supanova Expo official website.

Interview: Yug from The Mana Bar

I was recently up in Brisbane visiting friends, one of which was Australian Gamer’s own Yug, and I decided to do an a quick interview with for mentioned Yug about the new video game bar, The Mana Bar, he is opening there with his good friends Yahtzee (of Zero Punctuation), Shay, and Pras.

Thanks to Yug for taking the time. The Mana Bar is looking to be a great venue, so if you’re in Brisbane this weekend be sure to go check it out.


Australia’s first Video Game Bar

Saturday, 20 March
Midday to Midnight


* Play the upcoming locally developed unreleased game Raskulls
* Gamer themed cocktails
* Wii Sports Resort, Guitar Hero, Street Fighter IV & MORE!
* Live entertainment inside AND outside
* Meet the Little Sister & Mad Moxy and win 2K Games prizes
* Meet local developers
* Challenge Yahtzee at Guitar Hero and Junglist at FIFA to win Activision and EA prizes!

For more info on The Mana Bar and it’s grand opening check out the links below.

Stargate 2010 event

The Hub Productions will be holding a Stargate event in Melbourne and Sydney with guests from SG-1, Stargate Universe and Farscape.

Richard Dean Anderson, David Nykl, Connor Trinneer, Dan Shea, Christopher Judge, Ben Browder, David Blue, Claudia Black, Julie Caitlin Brown, Jason Palmer and Gigi Edgley (Sydney Only).

Sydney – 6th March (Saturday)
Melbourne – 7th March (Sunday)
Stargate 2010 schedule

Venue details

Prices start at $150 for a day ticket. Autographs and photographs cost extra. You can purchase and view all the available ticket types here.

Stargate 2010 event promo video:

Replenish at the Mana Bar

Fans of gaming, booze, and general socialites will soon have a place to gather when ‘Mana Bar’ opens up this year in Brisbane, Australia.

Currently in the last stages of setup in Brisbane’s night life strip The Valley, The Mana Bar will serve as a great place to meet up. Owned and operated by gamers Yug (Australian Gamer), Yahtzee (Zero Punctuation), and their comrades Prasant Moorthy and Shay Leighton.

Opening up this February the Mana Bar is set to host events such as game releases parties, competitions and trivia nights with a 50 person venue fitted with video games free to play. Imagine a bar like any other night club in The Valley, but instead of a pool table there’s Street Fighter IV or Guitar Hero ready to go.

Check out the official site for all the info in the lead-up to the opening with forums now up and a bunch of photos.