Review: Grand Theft Auto IV

Developer – Rockstar North
Publisher – Rockstar Games
Available on – PS3, 360, PC

“We’re broadcasting live from the streets of Liberty City”

Returning to the streets of Liberty City gives a certain vibe. The dank, musty air; the abuse of random pedestrians. Yes, these are my streets. While all the corruption remains with the wavering permittance for violent crime sprees, and the multi-cultural supremacy of crime and thug syndicates, something is new. The city has matured, expanded – not only thanks to an entirely new game engine for the Grand Theft Auto series, but a sophisticated new direction for story, narrative, characters and setting. Continue reading Review: Grand Theft Auto IV

Review: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (XBOX 360)

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Developer – Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher – Ubisoft
Available on – PS3, 360, PC

The non-stop party culture portrayed by Las Vegas is one to tempt most, an all-night city of glitz, glamour, and… guns. Set against the lush vibrancy of Vegas’ party life, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 again strikes chaos upon Vegas, ushering in our Rainbow team once more to assess and eliminate the terrorist threat. Continue reading Review: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (XBOX 360)

Review: Patapon (PSP)


Developer – Pyramid
Publisher – Sony Computer Entertainment
Available on – PSP

Patapon is a very deceiving title. At first glance Patapon is a pretty simple rhythmic strategy game from the developers of LocoRoco, therefore sporting a very similar style of presentation. You know, the style of Japanese ‘creativity’ that both promotes and negates all forms of substance abuse. I wouldn’t recommend any though, Patapon is a constant audio onslaught, appropriately so as gameplay entirely revolves around issuing army commands via well-timed drum beats. Continue reading Review: Patapon (PSP)

Review: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)


Developer: Sora Ltd.
Publisher: Nintendo.
Available on: Wii

Prepare for another slathering of nostalgic and addictive action as Super Smash Bros. is back and most certainly bigger than ever. Nintendo have been all about the family fun of late, and for me no other series better exemplifies a Nintendo fueled all night bonding and gaming session than Super Smash Bros. The third installment of Nintendo’s mash-up fighting games comes to the Wii with online support, a new character roster and no limit on chaotic and colourful fun. Continue reading Review: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

Review: God Of War – Chains Of Olympus (PSP)


Developer: Ready At Dawn
Publisher: SCE
Available On: PSP

Brutal – the best way to describe the God Of War series. The first two titles have been some of the PS2’s best sellers, with God Of War 2 being a defining milestone in the end of the consoles era. The series has been well received for not only it’s addictive and frantic combat but also the unrelenting character of Kratos, the extreme violence and action with huge scale combat and an involving story against a well presented mythological world. Continue reading Review: God Of War – Chains Of Olympus (PSP)

Jordan’s Top 5 Games For 2007.

2007 was quite a year for gaming, and while it may already be late April, that doesn’t mean I can’t post what I should have about 3 months ago and reflect on a kick ass year.

Here’s my list of top games for 2007. It was a hard year with so many blockbusters bursting out on every platform and genre, but a few gems really stood out.

Looking at this list makes me wonder if 2008 will provide another year of similar quality, but with the likes of Spore, Metal Gear Solid 4, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (somewhat already out) and so much more on the horizon, we’re clearly currently in a golden age of gaming. Enjoy.
Continue reading Jordan’s Top 5 Games For 2007.

Review: Soldier Of Fortune : Payback (PC)


Developer: Cauldron HQ
Publisher: Activision
Available On: PC, PS3, XBOX 360

Everyone loves violence. Well, perhaps only the gun-toting psychopathic Americans the media and classification regulations seem to portray. Australians, we must be quite sane – with the OFLC sticking a pacifier down our barrels before we even get a chance to re-enact video game violence in real life situations.
Continue reading Review: Soldier Of Fortune : Payback (PC)

Review: The Simpsons Game (XBOX 360)


Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Available On: XBOX 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, NDS, PS2

“Of course I can… I’m Will Wright, bitch”

As The Simpsons Game came out riding on the publicity wagon of the film release, I pre-empted an experience similar to that of The Simpsons Movie, be it story or setting. To then begin this game with a new and highly rendered re-creation of “The Land Of Chocolate” scene leading into the first level, I soon realised The Simpsons Game is a completely unique adventure with enough dialogue, scenery and videos to easily rival the movie in comedic content. The Simpsons Game is the 22nd video game to brandish the Simpson name, once again giving gamers the yellow glove of controlling our favourite American family through a Springfield of platforming and mob-crushing action.
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Review: NHL2k8 (Xbox 360)


I don’t know what it is about the game of ice hockey, but I felt cooler in several ways just by playing it.

Maybe it was the staring at the icy surface the players use to break their fall and various limbs, maybe it’s just playing a game that, when a fight breaks out, everyone including the referee stands back and enjoys the show. Maybe it was just the knowledge that I wasn’t playing an EA sports title, and that in comparison makes the other version seem like an XBLA game.

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Review: House Of The Dead 4 (Arcade)

Publisher: SEGA
Developer: SEGA
Available On: Arcade, 360 (TBA)

The House Of The Dead (HOTD) light-gun shooters were always a tentative affair when fiddling with the tokens in my pocket. While the first 3 sported great graphics for their time with a bunch of fun and great zombie shooting action, there were always a few things a little off. The voice acting and dialogue in general has always been terrible, a fitting conduit for a sub-standard plot about zombies and giant evil companies (sound familiar?); and while replaying HOTD games can be unsatisfying after a while, the raw game was always a lot of fun with great graphics, gore and some nice level design.

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