Mortal Kombat: Rebirth 7 minute promo

A short film/trailer for a proposed new film based on the Mortal Kombat video games has hit the web. This gritty “realistic” remake was created to promote director Kevin Tancharoen vision of a new Mortal Kombat feature film. The 7 minute short stars Michael Jai White as Jax and Jeri Ryan as Sonya Blade. A few other characters make some appearances with surprising results.

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Red Faction: Armageddon debut

On Monday, THQ announced their development of Red Faction: Armageddon, the sequel to their 2009 ‘smash’ title Red Faction: Guerrilla. Like the prequel, it will be developed by Volition, who also create the Saints Row series. The game is set to release in March of 2011 and will follow the story of Darius Mason, grandson to RF: Guerrilla’s Alex Mason, and will travel below the surface of Mars. Players can expect a range of new weapons including a “magnet gun” and will enter a number of different environments such as ice caves and lava tubes. The most interesting aspect of this announcement for me is the inclusion of a multiplayer co-operative mode separate to the single player campaign.

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Red Dead Redemption – Available Now!

Console gamers better saddle up because Rockstar Games’ latest blockbuster Red Dead Redemption is now available on PS3 and 360. Captivating the rustic scenery of the Wild West with story and gameplay on the engine of Grand Theft Auto IV and RDR is already leaving a huge impression on the gaming community. Just take a look at the new launch trailer to see exactly what this robust sandbox adventure is all about.

XBOX Live – Keeping the Dream Alive

April 15th 2010 marked the day Microsoft shut down service for original XBOX Live titles. It was a sad day that saw the end of a legacy of great online games that were still being played such as Counter-Strike, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Crimsons Skies and of course the legendary Halo 1 & 2.

Well it looks like some fans aren’t quite willing to let go yet. While the matchmaking service for original XBOX Live has ceased any games that were still running at the deadline continued to run and still do to this day. It has been over two weeks now and a small group of avid Halo 2 fans are reported to be keeping XBOX a-Live with the remaining matches lifespan resting on the eventuality of a console or network failure; or when Microsoft decide to permanently flick the switch.

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After Hours returns with special guest, me!

Popular late night internet radio show After Hours returns to netGameRadio tonight with the first episode of season 2. Bench, Josh, and the rest of the NGR crew are joined by yours truly to discuss the latest in video games. So be sure to listen in tonight, however if you do miss out you can also subscribe to the show on iTunes. While your there check out episode 12 for the epic finale of last season and my first appearance on the show.

UPDATE: The show is now available for download from and iTunes.

Interview: Yug from The Mana Bar

I was recently up in Brisbane visiting friends, one of which was Australian Gamer’s own Yug, and I decided to do an a quick interview with for mentioned Yug about the new video game bar, The Mana Bar, he is opening there with his good friends Yahtzee (of Zero Punctuation), Shay, and Pras.

Thanks to Yug for taking the time. The Mana Bar is looking to be a great venue, so if you’re in Brisbane this weekend be sure to go check it out.


Australia’s first Video Game Bar

Saturday, 20 March
Midday to Midnight


* Play the upcoming locally developed unreleased game Raskulls
* Gamer themed cocktails
* Wii Sports Resort, Guitar Hero, Street Fighter IV & MORE!
* Live entertainment inside AND outside
* Meet the Little Sister & Mad Moxy and win 2K Games prizes
* Meet local developers
* Challenge Yahtzee at Guitar Hero and Junglist at FIFA to win Activision and EA prizes!

For more info on The Mana Bar and it’s grand opening check out the links below.

Review: Heavy Rain

Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Available on: Playstation 3

The long awaited and greatly hyped Playstation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain is finally here. Is it as great and game-changing as we’d all been promised? Well, unfortunately no.

It’s just about impossible to talk about the game without spoiling the plot so I’ll try to keep this review as focused as possible on the mechanics and design.

You play as four people, weaving in and out of each others lives, who have all been touched in some way by the Origami Killer. A person who has been gripping the city with fear the past three years and whose modus operandi is to kidnap young boys, drown them in rainwater, then leave the bodies to be found by the railroad tracks with a small origami animal left in one hand and an orchid laying across their chest. Yep, if you hadn’t have guessed it already the world of Heavy Rain is made from pretty grim stuff.

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Review: Dark Void

Developer – Airtight Games
Publisher – CAPCOM
Available on – Xbox 360, PS3,PC
Reviewed on – Xbox 360

Dark Void is a refreshing new IP developed by near unheard of Airtight Games and published by CAPCOM. The game takes place during the dawn of the second world war. It follows the story of a cargo pilot William Augustus Grey, who crashes into the Bermuda triangle and winds up in an inescapeable dementional in-between called ‘the Void’ in which a highly technologically advanced species of other-dimensional aliens called ‘Watchers’ rule. Will joins a resistance of people trapped in the void, including Nikola Tesla (father of commercial electricity), and accompanied by a love interest from his past (Eva), he must fight for his survival and search for a way out of ‘the Void’.

The game introduces a number of interesting game mechanics, including a jet-pack, and a strange verticle fighting mechanic, in which you cover behind ledges as you climb up and down cliffs or buildings. The game begins without a jet-pack on a jungle island where your plane has crashed, for the first forty minutes or so you fight against Watcher guards as you are led to a village of surviving humans. During this part the game plays very much like a poor-man’s Uncharted, this is not hurt by the fact that Will is voiced by Nolan North. Once you reach the village you meet with Nikola Tesla and he asks you to help him collect some parts for an invention of his he is working on, he gives you a proto-type jet-pack he has been working on to help you obtain the parts, this is where the game gets interesting.

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Review: Halo Legends

Halo is a multi-billion dollar franchise that’s taken the gaming world by storm and is slowly making the move to film; this animated DVD release is the first step. When Halo: Combat Evolved was released in 2002, I was one of the many to buy it. Hell, if you owned an XBOX you had to own this game, at the very least it was one of only a handful of games out at the time. I enjoyed the game, quite a bit in fact. It was new and exciting, with fast paced first person shooter action that rivalled GoldenEye 007. However even then I found the story lacking, it was hollow and generic and ever since then as each new game has come out they have tried and failed to make the universe even slightly interesting.

When I heard about this series of short animated films, done in a style similar to the entertaining Animatrix and the fantastic Batman: Gotham Knight, I was actually interested. This could have been what got me invested in the Halo characters and want to explore the universe they created… it could have been.

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Review: GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City

Developer – Rockstar Games
Publisher – Take-Two Interactive
Available on – Xbox 360

If you were like me and thought that Grand Theft Auto IV was the biggest disappointment of 2008 (if not your life), then it may be useful that you can obtain both expansion packs on a disk, thus allowing you to play them without the accursed original disk to GTAIV that you traded in at your earliest convenience. The two Xbox 360 (timed) exclusive DLC packs add approximately eight hours each to your game-play and both follow new characters instead of Niko from the original title. The Lost and the Damned (tLatD) follows Johnny Klebitz, a prominent member of one of Liberty Cities Motorcycle gangs, The Lost MC. The Ballad of Gay Tony follows the story of Luis Lopez, right hand man to the owner of both Liberty Cities most popular gay and straight nightclubs. Continue reading Review: GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City