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We’ve been using this image for over 4 years and it’s still not funny!

You may have noticed the recent increase in competitions and decrease in articles on the site. The reason behind this is we continue to get contacted by friendly PR companies and publishers, which is without a doubt fantastic news.

However, personally fantastic but organisationally frustrating is the continued success of each member of the Space Meat team, which results in us all having less and less time to write articles and reviews.

To combat the oncoming fiend that is real life, we are looking to swell the ranks, bring in flesh blood, troll for newbs, etc.

If you think you have what it takes to get paid nothing, have your scratchings crudely edited and slapped onto a 12th rate entertainment blog, APPLY NOW! Details below: Continue reading Join the writing team!

The Official Space Meat Podcast – Episode 01: Walken vs. Wild

Decades of training, years in the making, minutes to set up, seconds to f*** up. The Official Space Meat Podcast is here!

Hosted by site founder and editor Liam Marcon, listen as he chats popular culture news and topics with fellow Space Meat writers and even the occasional special guest.

In this pilot episode Liam is joined by the newest member of the Space Meat team and most regular co-host, Van! Formally of the popular podcast, Geeks of Hazzard, Van isn’t new to the podcasting scene. An accomplished critic and lover of all things motorcar related, at first glance you might not even notice the nerd clawing to get out.

The topics of interest in this first outing are wild and unwieldy but despite many derails we manage to discuss all things Avengers and other Comic-Con heroes, the possible Total Recall remake, and what we’ve been digging on the small screen.

Intro music is “Not Your Enemy” by Megaphone, via of Podsafe Audio.


Join the writing team!

Space meat writing team 01

It’s that time again to swell the ranks in order to keep up with the slew of films, video games and events. We are looking for a couple of fun, talented writers to do video game, film or DVD reviews and articles.

* No pay but perks! Being a small website we can’t afford to pay our writing team, however as a member of our team you would gain access to the perks of being media. This can include, event press passes, review copies of films, DVDs or video games, your own custom email address and various other crap.

* You don’t have to take yourself seriously but take your writing seriously. is here to entertain and so should your articles; however that doesn’t mean you can get away with bad spelling, grammar and nothing but ALL C@PS 1337 SP3@K.

* Your application should tell us a little about yourself and be long enough for us to be able to judge your skill as a writer. Include a sample review or article for bonus points!

Send your applications to with the subject “Writer Application”.

Good luck!

Merry Christmas from the whole Space Meat team

Well the title says it all folks, yes it’s Christmas Day. The day we get together with friends and family, exchange gifts, eat tons of food, and celebrate the holy birth of a great man… Sir Isaac Newton. But those are not the only Christmas traditions, no there are many more. Including the tradition of cozing up at the end of the day and watching your favourite Christmas movie. Wether it be It’s a Wonderful Life or The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, each of us has a Christmas movie that connects to us in some way. So to help you decide which you are going to enjoy this Christmas here is my list of my top 5 favourite Christmas movies.

5. Home Alone
Back when Macaulay Culkin was cute and Joe Pesci had a career Home Alone was a laugh out loud slap stick Christmas comedy. Unfortunately the sequel took the Christmas theme to the extreme and turned the sap up to 11 without increasing the funny.

4. Bad Santa
Back when Billy Bob Thornton was cute and Bernie Mac still wasn’t funny Bad Santa was a black Christmas comedy that you couldn’t help but love, while simultaneously hating Billy Bob Thornton’s character.

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas
The only way this film could of been creepier was if it starred Billy Bob as Santa but it was still an amazingly well made claymation Christmas musical.

2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
As much as I love this film it always makes me sad. I can’t help but wish National Lampoon was still a badge that meant the movie wouldn’t suck harder then Paris Hilton. And let’s not forget Chevy Chase, yet another hilarious actor to be lost in time.

1. Die Hard
Despite the new half decent sequel Die Hard is still the greatest action movie of all time as well as the greatest Christmas movie of all time. Now some people may say I’m cheating and that this isn’t a real Christmas movie. But I say to them, what is the spirit of Christmas if it isn’t to love each over and kill terrorists? What?

Well looking back on those films and remembering when movies didn’t suck I now see why more people commit suicide today then any other time of the year. Merry Christmas you filthy animals and a happy New Year. Birthday Bonanza! *Finished*

Thank you to everyone who entered, the winners will be contacted shortly and have their prizes sent out to them. If you didn’t win don’t worry we have more competitions coming soon. Enjoy!


It’s been one year since the site you see before you was born. has taken a few forms before now including originally my personal blog and then a Google Page. But it wasn’t until I teamed up with Jordan approximately 365 days ago that grew into the site you see today. Two more writers (Ben and Starks) later and we have had exclusive interviews with celebrities, formed relationships with big name entertainment companies, hosted many a competition totalling hundreds of dollars in prizes, and had one hell of a good time.

Now not only are we celebrating this Birthday but we are also welcoming two great new recruits to the writing team, Liam “Gumbuoy” McGinniss and Colin Stevens. Who I’m sure will become valued members of the team. You can read a little more about them on our About Us page.

To celebrate both these occasions we are holding our biggest competition yet. “What the hell?” you ask, “Why are you giving away gifts on YOUR Birthday?” Well that’s simple folks we’re awesome, oh and also the fact that this site wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for our beloved readers.

There are FOUR prize packs containing some very awesome gear to give away, so check out what you can win below and then enter over at our competition page.

2 x 1st Birthday Prize Pack 1:

  • Bioshock T-Shirt
  • The Darkness comic book set (Issues 1 – 5)
  • The Darkness sticker
  • 2 x 1st Birthday Prize Pack 2:

  • $50 iTunes Gift Card
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Worlds End bandana
  • Shooter official movie poster
  • Blades of Glory official movie poster
  • comp.jpg

    I want to take this time to thank those who have contributed to the site over the year. Paramount (specifically Scott Rhodie) for seeing potential in us and organising the many competitions we have run. 2K Games sending out the games for us to review and for contributing to the prizes in this competition. All our loyal readers and our great writers Ben and Starks. And finally Jordan whose contribution to the site has been huge and rivals my own, thanks buddy. wants you!


    It’s that time again folks, when we are growing so big our pants no longer fit… and we need to buy new pants. You’re the new pants in that analogy and the growing is due to the huge increase in readers and content in-flow. Simply put to give you guys the best reviews on the top movies, games and music we need more reviewers. Last time we recruited we hit the jack pot with Starks, who was glad to be sent to many a movie premiere or advanced screening. So if you are interested in expressing your views on the latest games, movies and music, you should probably consider joining our crack team of writers.

    We will consider each applicant based on:

    Writing skills: If your email includes, “I g00d wRiTiNg 5killz”, don’t waste our time.

    Humour: We like our reviews and news article to be informative but the main reason people would want to read anything on our site is to be entertained. So the funnier you are the better your chances just don’t go over the top.

    Location: Where you live determines what events you can go to, and one of the main perks of writing for us is the cool events and movie screenings.

    Time: You have to be willing to put in your time. Obviously this isn’t a paying job so we don’t expect you to spend massive amounts of time on us, but if you are given a review to do we expect you to complete it as timely as possible. Also the more you can contribute to the news updates the better.

    Open Mind: To quote Kuato (that disgusting mutant coming out of the dudes stomach in Total Recall) “Open your mind”. Basically don’t be too much of a fanboy, we don’t mind if you have strong opinions but when you’re reviewing you need to be able to take both sides of the argument and find both the good and bad points about something.


    To apply for a position at please email your application to Be sure to include your information as well as an example of your writing.

    Extending the short hiatus I never took

    So if you haven’t noticed, there hasn’t been much happening from me on the gaming side of things lately.

    I won’t ramble on about my personal life (you have to pay for that), but I guess I’ll officially say “brb”.

    Having just recently moved, gotten a new full time job and other life things aside (such as waiting for ADSL at home) I just really don’t have much time to work here.

    But I will be back in full force sometime hopefully soon. When I’m back, I may be bringing something special with me so make sure you keep checking the site.

    Anyway Liam has been kicking ass at updates and cool stuff. Congrats to all who won the Reno 911 comp, and we have heaps more stuff for you guys coming up.

    And yes, Starcraft 2 was announced.

    Something looks different… New drapes?

    Well the new site is done and with the new look comes many great new features including a fully working comments system, a better posting system (which means more articles) and of course Jordan who didn’t actually come with the site but more of just showed up around the same time. You can read up a little on Jordan and me on the about us page.

    We have some great stuff comming up on the site including more reviews of both movies and games, coverage of the Australian International Film Festival next month, and the Game1 Electronics and Gaming Expo and eGames & Entertainment Expo in November.

    I hope you guys like the change; feel free to comment on it below.

    Old site; Ah memories…