Aaron Sorkin’s Parking Space

I have a photo of Aaron Sorkin‘s Parking Space. Look at my face; I take my role as a ‘fan girl’ seriously.

Another lady on the Warner Bros. Tour leaned over to me and said “Don’t you just love The West Wing?!”. I tried to hide my shame but couldn’t, I shouted to the skies above “I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE WEST WING!!”.

An audible gasp was heard across the entire WB backlot and a well-dressed mob suddenly appeared screaming “Blasphemy!” over and over. They surround the tour cart, rocking it from side to side until it tipped over. Men swore, women and children cried.*

*Some dramatisation may have occurred for the sake of good storytelling.

Yes, it’s true. I was a Sorkin Fan Girl who had never seen The West Wing. This award winning political TV drama may have been all anyone was talking about at one point in pop culture history, but the series first aired in 1999, I was 19 years old at the time. I couldn’t give two hoots about American politics, fictional or otherwise. I cared about boys.

I jumped into the Sorkin Camp after seeing the sadly cancelled show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I was all in after the first episode. A TV show about making a TV show. You had me at hello.

Aaron Sorkin’s writing was at a pace I hadn’t seen since Dawson’s Creek (Yeah I said it), and the pop culture references were obscured in a Life is like a box of chocolates kind of fun way. All of this, of course, is what Sorkin has become famous for. That and his way of writing and rambling about topics we as the viewers might not even understand but making us damn well enjoy it anyway.

I was officially in love with the guy. By the time I saw The Social Network, I wanted to marry him. If you haven’t seen Sorkin’s writing in The Social Network, then you haven’t seen Shakespeare the way it’s meant to be done. It also features a nice little cameo by the man himself.

The fellow Sorkin fan girl who I saw the movie with and I both ‘squeed’ (it’s a word!) [Editor’s note: technically it’s an onomatopoeia] with delight when he came on screen. The rest of the cinema patrons stayed quite. Some angry ushers with torches and a well-dressed mob took care of them.

Now there was no excuse for my delay in seeing The West Wing, and the only defence I can come up with is that I’m not solely a fan of Sorkin’s. Not for nothing, I’m a fan-of-all-trades as it were. It’s hard work liking everything and takes more time that some would expect.

So, here we are now, a few days after the US release of Aaron Sorkin’s fourth TV series, The Newsroom. I’m sitting in my lounge, surrounded by West Wing DVD’s, feverishly marathon-ing my way through all seven seasons. I’m completely in love with the entire cast (particularly Bradley Whitford) and I think I’m actually learning something!

It is of course everything I expected, hoped, and more, from a Sorkin series. I’m only at season three and I already want to post my ovaries to the god among men that is Aaron Sorkin.

Review | Red VS Blue (Season 9)

It’s not often a team of people can create a machinima series and really make it work. Make it stick through so many years of episodes and content to the point where it crosses between games in a franchise and becomes a true part of the franchise itself. Continue reading Review | Red VS Blue (Season 9)

METAL HURLANT CHRONICLES brings the biggest & the baddest “B” stars

METAL HURLANT CHRONICLES is an upcoming action Sci-Fi series based on the METAL HURLANT magazine (also known as HEAVY METAL).

The series trailer looks a lot like the recent sword and sandals gory action series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. While the episode teasers (specifically Red Light) have much more focus on the Sci-Fi elements.

The cast is the most impressive aspect, starring cult action favourites like David Belle (District B13, creator of Parkour), Scott Adkins (Undisputed 1 & 2), and Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite, Spawn).

Cold Hard Facts – Plot teaser:

Red Light – David Belle teaser:

Review | Kaiba

Available now on DVD from Siren Visual

To all people out there, in one way or another memories are important to them. They allow us to remember, absorb life experiences and learn. Experiences and memories are our own and uniquely ours to reflect on. That said, what if that could be changed? What if memories could be modified, removed or added in order to create a more enjoyable life or even change opinion?

Now this idea of memory modification has been tackled before in movies such as The Matrix and Inception yet it’s a concept anime hasn’t really touched all that much. Kaiba, published in Australia by Siren Visual and created by Madhouse under the direction of Masaaki Yuasa (Tatami Galaxy, Shin-chan) explores a reality where bodies and memories can be changed, stored or stolen depending on the intent. Siren have continued along the path of releasing more unique anime titles, bringing out Kaiba as a 12 episode DVD box collection. Continue reading Review | Kaiba

Review | Mobile Suit Z Gundam: Collection 1 & 2

Available now on DVD from Madman Entertainment

Mecha is such a large market in the anime industry. More often then not you’ll see series after series pop up that involves robots fighting some kind of space war for a belief of some sort and it will end with a grand finish, normally with the heroes triumphant.

That said, all this mecha craze had to start somewhere and Gundam is certainly a series that helped pioneered this love for all things robot related. Madman recently have been acquiring some of the older Gundam including one of the earliest, Mobile Suit Z (Zeta) Gundam available as two collections (50 episodes) on DVD. Continue reading Review | Mobile Suit Z Gundam: Collection 1 & 2

Review | Claymore: Collection

Available now on DVD & Blu-Ray from Madman Entertainment

Anime fans that have been around for a while may remember an incredibly gory anime out there called Berserk. Berserk as a series is still going even today, with a Dreamcast game a while ago and a manga that has been going for two decades now as of 2010. Extremely violent fantasy anime is certainly a niche market yet also it is something that has not been catered to for a while. That said, as one of the earlier Blu-Ray launches by Madman, Claymore was released as a full collection produced by Madhouse (Record of Lodoss War, Chobits, Death Note among many others). Continue reading Review | Claymore: Collection

Review: Durarara!! Part 1

Most anime series these days are extremely linear and rather basic in their story direction. That is, told from the perspective of one single person or group. Siren Visual however has licensed and released ‘Durarara!!‘ produced by Brain’s Base (behind series such as Baccano), a series gaining popularity very quickly and taking a different perspective from the normal approach that a series may have. Continue reading Review: Durarara!! Part 1

Review | Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings – Season 1 Collection

Available now on DVD & Blu-Ray from Madman Entertainment

Since the era of the Playstation 2 there have always been two major franchises that focused on a specific historical period in Japanese History, being the “Warring States” or “Sengoku” era covering it right from the beginning where clans fought for land until the eventual unification of all Japan. Sengoku Basara from Capcom is one of these two series; however instead of being a game release this time around they’ve gone for an anime adaptation of their earliest Basara game, named Devil Kings in PAL territories.

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Review: Tears to Tiara (Collection 1 – Episodes 1-13)

5 years ago on the PC yet another eroge (erotic game) TRPG was released to the masses named Tears to Tiara. Cue to 2010 and after having the game released as a non-eroge version as well as a Playstation3 port with added content, naturally an anime series was next as other eroge (Fate/Stay, Tsukihime, etc.) have accomplished. Eroge can at times be known to have incredibly indepth stories, which work well as anime adaptations and it’s no surprise to see more of them ported across to anime series depending on the success of the actual game itself.

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Review: 12 oz. Mouse

From the co-creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force comes 12 oz. Mouse, the strange story a green mouse as he indulges his seemingly impulsive desires and the conspiracies, destruction and strange events that trail after him. In this video review I make a goof of myself while attempting to convey the surreal awesomeness that is 12 oz. Mouse.

(12 oz. Mouse is available through Madman.)