Obama’s hip and Palin’s Gangsta

The U.S election is coming to an end soon so each party’s supporters are pulling out all the stops to promote the people they want to lead America for the next four years. First up is old school style hip hop artist MC Yogi who believes Barrack Obama to be the future and he tells it in his song Vote for Hope and it’s highly stylised video.

On the republican side things are a bit bleaker when it comes to young voters especially with John McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin getting berated in the media and on the internet. So in a smart decision Palin has gone from shying away from the media to full on embracing it in a hilarious appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Source: Vimeo | NBC

Bazura’s back!

The Bazura Project, the Australian movie show that I just can’t shut up about is back for a third season.

The season starts tomorrow but I attended the official premiere screening of the first episode last week at the Palace George Cinema. It was quite the shindig and arriving early gave me time to chat with the shows hosts Lee and Shannon, when they weren’t buzzing around greeting people and shaking hands. They were obviously nervous, sweating, twitching and pounding down the free wine but confident in the show. Their only worry being a massive technical glitch that would disrupt the premiere and despite a small audio glitch (during which Shannon filled time with a joke) it all went well.

Before the show it was announced that Lee and Shannon were now the faces of the Palace Cinema chain. From now on when you go to see a movie at a Palace Cinema one of a series of “Guides To Cinephelia” will play before your movie, telling you about their special offers or just to turn your phone off. In classic Bazura style these shorts are played for laughs in manor very similar to the segments in previous episodes of the show.

The episode was a big hit, getting big laughs the whole way through and judging from this premiere episode the third season of The Bazura Project is bound to be as good if not better then the last. I highly recommend all movie lovers to check it out at the following times or on the official website a few hours later.

C31 Brisbane Thursday @ 9:30PM
C31 Adelaide Thursday @ 9:30PM
C31 Melbourne Thursday @ 9:30PM
TVS Sydney Thursday @ 8:30PM

Until then you can also check out the season 3 promos below.

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Get your Daily (show) dose of the Colbert Report


Two of the best shows on TV, The Daily Show with John Stewart and The Colbert Report, can now be streamed from the Comedy Central website; whole episodes only a day after they air and unlike a lot of other networks these episodes are also available to international viewers. So go watch some episodes and laugh while you learn… and be slowly brainwashed into a democrat.

The Daily Show with John Stewart: Full episodes
The Colbert Report: Full episodes