The Official Podcast – Episode 03: A Colin Mockery

We’re finally back! It’s a new episode for the New Year, with a shiny new guest host. This week I’m joined by the always interesting Van “The Social Butterfly” Strapp and first time guest Elroy “El Técnico Diablo”.

In this episode we planned on chatting about CES but after I failed to plan the planning properly, we decided the Golden Globes would be more fun. After which we briefly discuss the new digital channels in Australia specifically Channel 11, as well as the obligatory unplanned tangents. A special thanks to Van for hosting and Elroy for the use of his fantastic audio gear.

Episode 03: A Colin Mockery – Download | iTunes

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After Hours Series 3 on NetGameRadio

After Hours Series 3 premieres tonight on NetGameRadio, and by tonight I mean 30 minutes ago. Yep we’re live right now and will be each Saturday night from 10pm.

I’ll be a joining the NGR guys on the show regularly throughout the season to chat video games and other geekery. So check it out!

After Hours Series 3 explodes onto the airwaves tonight. Join Bench, Josh, and the nGR boys (and girls) for a night on the town…. well, the virtual town. Joining us as a regular is After Hours veteran, Liam Marcon as well as a few other community favourites.

Team Fortress 2 is where we’ll be hanging out once again thanks to BestGN, TF2 #8 unless we have to move. Jump in IRC or Vent and give us your opinion, who knows you might even make it on the show as has happened in the past for the faithful fans of the mayhem that is After Hours.

The Official Space Meat Podcast – Episode 02: Special Directors cut

In this special directors cut episode (read: I couldn’t be bothered editing) Liam and Van are joined by fellow Space Meat writer and resident Anime expert, Brad! They chat about the Melbourne International Anime Festival, the Walking Dead trailer, their favourite cancelled TV shows, and many other unplanned tangents.


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The Official Space Meat Podcast – Episode 01: Walken vs. Wild

Decades of training, years in the making, minutes to set up, seconds to f*** up. The Official Space Meat Podcast is here!

Hosted by site founder and editor Liam Marcon, listen as he chats popular culture news and topics with fellow Space Meat writers and even the occasional special guest.

In this pilot episode Liam is joined by the newest member of the Space Meat team and most regular co-host, Van! Formally of the popular podcast, Geeks of Hazzard, Van isn’t new to the podcasting scene. An accomplished critic and lover of all things motorcar related, at first glance you might not even notice the nerd clawing to get out.

The topics of interest in this first outing are wild and unwieldy but despite many derails we manage to discuss all things Avengers and other Comic-Con heroes, the possible Total Recall remake, and what we’ve been digging on the small screen.

Intro music is “Not Your Enemy” by Megaphone, via of Podsafe Audio.


Speaking of Animation interview Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois

I hope some of you managed to catch How To Train Your Dragon in theaters (and 3D) and got as much out of it as I did. If you did that I also highly recommend you listen to this wonderful interview on the Speaking Of Animation podcast which interviews the directors and co-writers, Dean DeBois and Chris Sanders. As well as talking about their excellent work on How To Train Your Dragon, they also talk a bit about their past work, including of course directing and writing Lilo And Stitch when they were at Disney.

Podcast: How To Train Your Dragon directors Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois

Spoilers ahead though – so listen only if you’ve seen the film.

This interview is part master class in storytelling, part behind the scenes and all of it is fascinating. Run by Dreamworks animators and staffers, The Speaking Of Animation podcast is aimed at animators, but the show is excellent for filmmakers and film fans of all kinds. Take special note of Chris and Dean’s stories on how various story elements of How To Train Your Dragon were conceived and added, because you can see in the final product how well these ideas end up supporting and plusing the story by an order of magnitude.

Canned Geek Podcast – Episode 40: 100% Recycled Shit

The Canned Geek Podcast is a monthly geek-culture podcast featuring Kyle Evans and Myself.

This month Liam and Kyle geek out about Californian scientists at Micromidas developing methods of turning shit into plastic, the formal announcement of the iPhone 4 and our surprised excitement at the guests of pop culture expo Armageddon.

You can download the podcast and see the full show notes at the Canned Geek website or subscribe and review to us on iTunes.

Review: 12 oz. Mouse

From the co-creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force comes 12 oz. Mouse, the strange story a green mouse as he indulges his seemingly impulsive desires and the conspiracies, destruction and strange events that trail after him. In this video review I make a goof of myself while attempting to convey the surreal awesomeness that is 12 oz. Mouse.

(12 oz. Mouse is available through Madman.)

Canned Geek Podcast – Episode 38: Press X To Penguin

The Canned Geek Podcast is a monthly geek-culture podcast featuring Will Owen and Kyle Evans from Canned Geek and Myself.

You have no idea how awesome penguins are. This month Liam and Kyle geek out about the opening of Brisbane’s video game bar, The Mana Bar. Kyle then blathers on about Pokemon before we talk about Continuum, improv piano players and singers making Chat Roullette fun and Michael Atkinson’s surprise retirement. We also talk a lot about all the awesome events happening in April – because’s there’s A LOT OF THEM.

You can download the podcast and see the full show notes at the Canned Geek website.

After Hours returns with special guest, me!

Popular late night internet radio show After Hours returns to netGameRadio tonight with the first episode of season 2. Bench, Josh, and the rest of the NGR crew are joined by yours truly to discuss the latest in video games. So be sure to listen in tonight, however if you do miss out you can also subscribe to the show on iTunes. While your there check out episode 12 for the epic finale of last season and my first appearance on the show.

UPDATE: The show is now available for download from and iTunes.