Canned Geek Podcast – Episode 27: Twopplestorm


The Canned Geek Podcast is a monthly geek-culture podcast featuring Will Owen and Kyle Evans from Canned Geek and Myself.

Returning from a nine month hiatus, the Canned Geek podcast delivers length discussion on geeky topics. In this episode we review the first episode of Tales Of Monkey Island, reminisce about cheating in high school, figure out Dreamworks’ secret method of coming up with their animated movies and assess the trailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox.

You can download the podcast and see the full show notes at the Canned Geek website.

Canned Geek Podcast – Episode 26: You Got Zangief’d


Will, Liam, Kyle and Kraden gather around the microphones to talk about what happened at the two big Melbourne events of November: Armageddon (pop culture expo) and eGames (video games con). From Armageddon we also have Steph talking with Gary Jones and Kavan Smith of Stargate. We also talk about Game1, American politics, Barrack Obama and go a bit silly.

Phew, posted an hour or so after midnight of November 30th. That still counts as November, right?

You can download the podcast from the Canned Geek website.

Canned Geek Podcast – Episode 25: Spike Lee Is A Pirate

In this podcast we merge pirate elements of the proposed September show and mix with geeky topics relevant in the month October. The three of us discuss how Youtube lets you hear how stupid you are, the Australian version of Top Gear, an overproduced snack aimed at gamers, some unimportant anti-video game lawyer, American Politics, Doctor Steel and the wonderful Wall-E.

You can download the podcast from the Canned Geek website.

Canned Geek Podcast – Episode 24: Electric Bogaloo

We finally return to finish the last show and discuss the exiciting features of Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour, the way TV show on the ABC totally mishandled a panel discussion on Fallout 3 and the R18 rating, Godzilla, the awesomeness of Doctor Horrible and how Max Payne could well be a great movie.

You can download the podcast from the Canned Geek website.

Canned Geek Podcast – Episode 23: Awkward Delivery

This podcast is perfectly balanced. We started talking about The Dark Knight (a comic to film adaptation) which leads onto a discussion about Watchmen (a comic which has film adaptation in progress).

We ended up talking for some time on both topics, but we still had quite a number of other topics we meant to cover. So we decided do things in two parts this month. Stay tuned for another August podcast sometime soon.

You can download the podcast from the Canned Geek website.

Canned Geek Podcast – Episode 22: Facepalm

The podcast finally returns in its monthly format and is…pretty much the same. Actually we do have a very interesting interview with Matt and Yug from Australian Gamer in which they talk about their levels of geeky-ness, video games and their perfect Sunday. But to get to that you’ll first have to sit through Kyle, Liam and Will blathering on about the flaws and failings of Grand Theft Auto IV and Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

You can download the podcast at the Canned Geek website.

Canned Geek Podcast – Episode 21: Do Emo’s Dream of Electric Sheep?


We have an interesting two part podcast for you this time. On the first half of the show, Liam regales us with tales of Supanova in Brisbane. Then we all talk April Foolery and Battle of the Bands on the Wii. On the second half of show, Liam and Kyle talk anti-emo violence in Mexico, the internet apocalypse and the mighty goodness that results when Strong Bad meets Telltale Games.

You can download the podcast at the Canned Geek website.

Canned Geek Podcast – Episode 20: Worst. Episode. Ever.


On the podcast we gush over Jamie Smart’s awesome new comic, Ubu Bubu before moving onto to discuss comic book adaptations of TV series, the works of Joss Whedon, a book about the year 2008 written in the year 1968. We also lament the futility of the governments planned discussion of introducing an R18+ rating for video games in Australia and tell you what events are happening in the coming week.

Note that this week we have a short, half hour show for you. We did record a full hour podcast, but it was just full of problems with audio levels, dead-end topics and far too many references. So we cut out 20 minutes of crap for your own good. Enjoy.

All hail Carl Barks!

Source: Canned Geek

Canned Geek Podcast – Episode 16: The Muffincast


Once again we bring you an over-long podcast on all these geeky and awesome in Australia. Among other things, Will, Kyle and Liam voice their thoughts on Good Game, a documentary about scientists who believe in intelligent design, Steven Speilberg’s game for the Wii and a game that will teach you to play guitar. We also try out a new segment where we discuss an aspect of geek culture. This we rambled about geeks continued love for the cartoons, video games and all those things we’re expect to have “grown out of.

Canned Geek Podcast – Episode 11


Just to prove how much of a glory whore I am I was yet again the extra special guest host on this weeks podcast. After several hours of Rock Band Kyle, Will and I finally sat down and talked about Action Girlz Racing, Asterix at the Olympic Games, Sweeny Todd, Spamalot, Harold and Kumar 2 and the latest Indiana Jones LEGO. Also despite the fact I was there in person we had some technical difficulties so the audio quality isn’t tops, but if you bear with it you may find a diamond in the ruff or at least a free golf ball.