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Gaming Sites:

Australian Gamer – Awesome site about the Australian gaming community with game reviews, a funny comic strip and a podcast.

Total Gamer Zone – Game reviews, previews and features.

Movie sites:

Joblo Movie Emporium – One of the largest and best movie news and review sources on the web.


Canned Geek – A podcast for the geek in all of us. Will Owen and Kyle Evans chat about the latest geeky news with regular guests including our very own Liam Marcon.

Australian Gamer – One of Australia’s longest running and best gaming podcast.

The Black Panel – Daily updates on VIDEO GAMES and popular culture along with Australia’s grooviest gaming PODCAST!

Level3 – Melbourne’s best known Video Game show and friends of the site. Broadcast on C31 @ 9PM Fridays and downloadable from their site.

The Bazura Project – The Bazura Project is not only the spanish word for trash, it’s also a television show on Australia’s channel 31 but don’t let that scare you away. It was created by Shannon Marinko and Lee Zachariah. The show has a funny and informative line-up with an opening movie related spoof, news, a feature story, an interview and finally a movie review.

The Totally Rad Show – It’s a movie, TV, video game and comic book show. Staring Diggnation’s Alex Albrecht, Geekdrome’s Dan Trachtenberg, and Jeff Cannata

Revision 3 – A company co-created by tech geek and ex-television show host Kevin Rose, they releases many excellent podcasts, including Diggnation, Totally Rad Show and Geekdrome.

Geekscape – It was sad news when Geekdrome split up but to qwell our mourning the crazy half of Geekdrome, Jon, started Geekscape.


Canned Geek

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