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Barcelona X06 – Bungie announce Peter Jackson and Halo Wars RTS

Currently underway in Barcelona, Spain is X06, Microsofts own personal gaming convention. It’s a great source of fun and news for XBOX fans, though Bungie have straight up taken the focus with two big announcements. With good reason too.

First of all, they’ve announced a whole new video game studio has recently emerged, “Wingnut Interactive”. This studio is a collaboration of film master Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie guys. Together they’ll be working on a new Halo episode (don’t worry, Halo 3 is still on schedule), but exactly what this new episode will involve is still being kept under wraps. Bungie didn’t mention much about the Halo movie, but considering the production values of the past two Halo episodes, now with Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh involved, this’ll be something to look forward to. Mr. Jackson had this to say –

“Working directly with the Bungie guys to help carve out and reimagine another piece of the Halo game universe is a dream come true. Combining the creative and technical talents of Bungie Studios with the fire and passion of Wingnut Interactive just seems like a great recipe for success and the perfect way to start a new kind of partnership in the video game world. I can’t wait.”

Age Of Empires meets Halo. Literally.

As if that, Halo 3 and the Halo movie isn’t enough for fans to look forward to, Halo Wars has just been unveiled, with a live website now up (including a nifty trailer). Halo Wars, though many questions are being asked, appears to be a fairly traditional RTS for the XBOX 360, based in the Halo universe. Players will control dozens of popular vehicles, such as Warthogs and Scorpion tanks. Once again, don’t worry about Bungie taking time off Halo 3 for this one. Halo Wars is being created by RTS masters Ensemble Studios, who are responsible for the Age Of Empires series. Bungie state they’re taking care of the story though, and watching over Ensemble so to once again immerse players in the Halo universe, this time from a birds eye perspective. Bungie are still keeping a fair bit quiet about this, though a few interesting things they’ve confirmed is that it’s set before Halo 1, it is 360 exclusive, and they’re convincing us that the RTS genre won’t once again be ridiculed via console controllers.

So, 2007 is looking like a good year for Bungie, and i’m sure Microsoft are more than happy to hear all this coming their way; and Microsoft need all they can get with the competition soon to arise.

Letters of Iwo Jima trailer.

A new trailer for Clint Eastwood’s World War 2 drama movie duo Flags of our Fathers and Letters of Iwo Jima has been released. The trailer (which is basically an English version of the previously released trailer) focuses on Letters of Iwo Jima which follows the battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of the Japanese soldiers.

You can check out the trailer in one of the following QuickTime qualities:

Low Med High Super

Eragon international trailer.

The Eragon fan site Shur’tugal.com (and people think Space Meat is a weird name) has got there mitts on the international trailer for the “epic fantasy adventure” Eragon.
The trailer is a bit darker in theme then the previously released one and though I was hesitant at first this movie is starting to look alright; sort of Lord of the Rings meets Narnia, meets Reign of Fire.

You can check out the trailer here.

Wii shortages?

According to a Gamespot article, Nintendo recently questioned their supply of Wii consoles to Australia. While they won’t give us an exact figure, reportedly they’ve confirmed there will be sufficient supplies for pre-order consoles, but the numbers may not hold out for long. Meanwhile North America will be getting one million units at launch, keeping them happy.

Is there enough Wii for all?

Well i’d imagine that alot of the opening consumers would be going to pre-order way anyway. Some stores are even giving some nifty independent pre-order deals, so I highly suggest Aussies pre-order to secure their launch spot. Hopefully this all means launch is looking to be bigger than expected from Nintendo, which is great for them.

Actually, I should put down a pre-order for myself…

First Look: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Though I admit I used to get a little giddy when a new Harry Potter book was coming out thankfully I have been over that for years, but that doesn’t really matter when it comes to the movies because they’re just a good time. The highly anticipated Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the 5th movie and follows Harry through his 5th year of that messed up and absurdly dangerous school, Hogwarts.

All the previous actors are back to reprise there roles including: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Robbie Coltrane, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon, Brendan Gleeson, Jason Isaacs, Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, and the main man Gary Oldman. This movie will be introducing a bunch of new folk including Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch), Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham-Carter), Kingsley Shacklebolt (George Harris), Professor Dolorees Umbridge (Imelda Staunton) and some other less important people. Also for those of you under 18 or that are a bit creepy, Emma Watson is a year older (16).

Check out the first pictures from the movie (thanks to Joblo.com):

HP5 02

Ubisoft slip up.

Recently, via NeoGAF (an internet gaming community), a 2GB RAR of unreleased Ubisoft goodies has been leaked onto the net. This package includes videos, screenshots, artwork, and general information on a number of Ubisofts upcoming hot titles.

Ubisoft had this to say – “We are clearly displeased that confidential information from Ubisoft has been distributed on the internet. The publication of this type of information can only be harmful to the game development process and we will take all steps necessary to prevent this from happening in the future. We are still investigating the events that lead to this information leak and at this time have no further comment.”

They’re most certainly not happy. Somehow the .rar wandered onto their ubi.com FTP server, which was then uploaded onto a NeoGAF thread by a user. Ubisoft killed off this source as soon as they could, but once it’s already out there, there’s not much they can do. So the thread doesn’t link to the 2GB file, but alot has been uploaded throughout it, including new Prince Of Persia artwork, some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles screenshots and art, and some FarCry stuff they certainly wouldn’t want out.

The pack included titles –

Assassins Creed
Farcry 2Ubisoft
Farcry PSP
Farcry Wii
Prince of Persia
RB6: Vegas
Rocky PSP
Splinter Cell 4
Splinter Cell 5
Surf’s Up
Star Wars PSP
Shaun White (Snowboarding game)

I think Ubisoft will be checking what goes on their FTP server a bit more thoroughly now.

Gameswizards no more.


Popular game store franchise Gameswizards have been bought up by one of Europe’s biggest game store companies, GAME.

With one of Australias key gaming stores now being internationally owned and managed, will this be a change for the best or worst? It’s a shame that funds are now going overseas, but this change may substantially increase the quality and quantity of stores around the nation.

We’ll have to wait and see what these stores now become, but a portion of regular patrons are already disappointed in this deal. There is currently no information on whether the stores will be renamed, or any more details.

Prestige TV Spot

As long-time readers will know I’m utterly stoked about Christopher Nolan’s (Batman Begins, Memento) upcoming movie The Prestige; about a battle of the ages between Wolverine and Batman. OK so its not Wolverine and Batman but it is Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale and that’s just as good isn’t it? No your right its not; but what if they were magicians? Starting to sound pretty cool isn’t it?

Well then you will be pleased to know they just released a brand new TV spot for the movie; it doesn’t show much more then the original trailer (which is actually a good thing) but it’s still pretty cool. Check out the TV spot below and the poster below that.

Prestige TV Spot:
Low Med High

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Eragon; same trailer different qualities.

For those of you who missed out on the Eragon trailer I posted up a little while ago, Apple have finally got it up on there site in three shiny QuickTime qualities. So if the previous download was a bit big for you, you can check them out here.

Justin and Maggie set to Die Hard.

There is one movie that is my favourite Christmas movie, my favourite action movie and is in my top 5 favourite movies of all time; Die Hard. So when I heard that they are making a fourth Die Hard film I nearly died, and I did get hard.

Originally titled Die Hard 4.0 but thankfully renamed to Live Free or Die Hard, it is set to start filming near the end of the year, is being directed by Len Wiseman (Underworld) and of course stars Bruce Willis.

This is all semi-old news though, what is new is the supporting cast. Justin Long (Jeepers Creepers; Dodgeball) has been confirmed to be co-starring in the film as “a computer-savvy accomplice” who helps McClane take down some computer terrorists during the 4th of July holiday. It is also rumoured that Justin Long’s character is McClane’s son but this has yet to be confirmed and Fox is keeping tight lipped on the subject.

Also joining the cast is relatively unknown Hawaiian hottie Maggie Q (Mission Impossible III), who will be playing one of the main hacker terrorists.

You can see Justin Long in the reportedly hilarious Accepted, currently in cinemas in the U.S and premiering on November 9th in Australia. You can check out the trailer for Accepted here.