THQ Q1 2011 Preview

The fine folks at THQ Melbourne once again opened their doors to the Space Meat team for a preview of their upcoming and just launched titles. As usual we all had a great time hanging with our fellow Melbourne video game media and checking out what THQ had coming out in the near future.

Personally I went into this preview with not much knowledge and not a lot of interest but I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of titles and as a jaded and busy critic I’m not that easily surprised.

Hit “more” for our first impressions of some of the latest THQ titles.

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Review | True Grit

True Grit is the latest film by the director/producer duo, Joel and Ethan Coen. Creators of such films as Fargo and Millers CrossingTrue Grit is a distinctly Coen production with violence, black humour and peculiar characters.

As both Liam and Kyle attended the preview screening, we figured it would only be fitting to team up and collaborate on this review. Continue reading Review | True Grit

NGP – Successor to Playstation Portable Announced.

Just now at Playstation Meeting 2011 held in Tokyo, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Kaz Hirai announced their “Next Generation Portable”, a successor handheld to the Playstation Portable.

Details are still coming out as the press meeting is underway but already confirmed are the much desired inclusion of two analogue sticks. A trailer played showing off many titles followed by an on-stage live demo of a portable Uncharted.

Specs confirmed so far include –

“dual analogs sticks, 5 inch OLED display, 3G and GPS, front and rear touchpads, electronic compass on 3 axes. Awesome iconography on the back.”

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The Official Podcast – Episode 03: A Colin Mockery

We’re finally back! It’s a new episode for the New Year, with a shiny new guest host. This week I’m joined by the always interesting Van “The Social Butterfly” Strapp and first time guest Elroy “El Técnico Diablo”.

In this episode we planned on chatting about CES but after I failed to plan the planning properly, we decided the Golden Globes would be more fun. After which we briefly discuss the new digital channels in Australia specifically Channel 11, as well as the obligatory unplanned tangents. A special thanks to Van for hosting and Elroy for the use of his fantastic audio gear.

Episode 03: A Colin Mockery – Download | iTunes

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In space, no one can hear you die.

They’ll hear me screaming from my lounge room though when Dead Space 2 is released this month. The first Dead Space scared the hell out of me with a well produced atmosphere presenting a creepy deep space action horror game filled with spooky sound, grotesque visuals and twisted aliens.

A new launch trailer has just hit in anticipation for the sequels release on 25/01/11, highlighting some of the action set pieces in store for Isaac Clarke’s descent back into a new nightmare of necromorphs. Oh and there’s multiplayer this time around too!

Review: Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare DLC

Developer – Rockstar Games
Publisher – Rockstar Games
Available On – Playstation 3, XBOX 360
Reviewed On – XBOX 360

In the Western and Southern vicinity of the border, it’s time to nut up or shut up. Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare tells of John Marston’s plight against supernatural adversity as he strives to rid his family and the land from the clutches of the infectious undead. Right off the bat you’ll notice that Undead Nightmare plays like a homage to all of the B-Grade cheesy horror movies in the world, where the camp factor and ridiculousness are found in excess. As a result, this add-on serves as juxtaposition with the seriousness of the main Red Dead Redemption storyline, as it is not emotionally charged or solemn as a Western-influenced piece of fiction. However, being outright wacky and out of place works in Undead Nightmare’s favour, a luxury most video games can afford to have.

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Review | Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings – Season 1 Collection

Available now on DVD & Blu-Ray from Madman Entertainment

Since the era of the Playstation 2 there have always been two major franchises that focused on a specific historical period in Japanese History, being the “Warring States” or “Sengoku” era covering it right from the beginning where clans fought for land until the eventual unification of all Japan. Sengoku Basara from Capcom is one of these two series; however instead of being a game release this time around they’ve gone for an anime adaptation of their earliest Basara game, named Devil Kings in PAL territories.

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Green Lantern trailer

We were previously teased with some footage but now we can watch the whole first trailer for Green Lantern in all it’s HD glory. Based on the classic comic book character, the film stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan a fighter pilot chosen to become one of the protectors of our galaxy know as Green Lanterns.

Check it out embed below or at Apple Trailer in full 1080p.

Source: Apple Trailers | YouTube user kizna412

Green Lantern Pre-Trailer First Look

Entertainment Tonight, despite being a terrible show, has once again got an exclusive first look at a highly anticipated film. This time it’s Green Lantern.

ET will be premiering the trailer for the action packed Superhero film on Tuesday, November 16th. In the meantime check out the teaser for the trailer:

Source: /Film | YouTube user meadowkell