Review: Mass Effect 3

Developer: Bioware
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Available on: Windows, PS3, Xbox 360
Reviewed on: Xbox 360

When it comes to expectations on a video game few compare to the anticipation of Mass Effect 3. The Mass Effect series is now revered among gamers with a place in history and a large dedicated fan base. Now with Mass Effect 3 comes the final conclusion– does it live up to the hype?

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E3 2009: More Monkey Madness

After rumors of a resurface for the Monkey Island series just a week before E3, it was no real surprise to find a confirmation on the original The Secret Of Monkey Island being re-released for XBOX Live Arcade. That’s not all though, not by a long shot, as not only is the original adventure being re-released and updated, but a whole new 5 part adventure titled Tales Of Monkey Island is soon to be released from Telltale Games.

July 7th will see the first chapter of Tales Of Monkey Island released for PC and WiiWare via online distribution from Telltale Games service, similar to the new Sam N Max and Strongbad adventure games. A full 3D adventure, the trailer shows off a new graphical style and a more mature Guybrush Threepwood as he again attempts to save the citizens of Melee from the wrath of LeChuck and consequences of his own tomfoolery.

Each chapter is estimated to be up to 4 hours long and with the series starting soon there isn’t much time to pre-order the collector’s edition DVD available once all the chapters are out. Check out the trailer below for a sample of what to expect. Continue reading E3 2009: More Monkey Madness

Review: Saints Row 2

Developer – Volition
Publisher – THQ
Available On – XBOX 360, Playstation 3, PC
Reviewed On – XBOX 360

It’s hard to review or discuss a title like Saints Row 2 and not compare it to the likes of Grand Theft Auto IV. On the surface they seem near identical, both molding gameplay genres together to create a surreal blend of third person driving and shooting action. They both tell a tale of gangs and guns through the eyes of a hardened criminal, looking to fight his way through city filled with violence and corruption. They even both have a similar city setting, allowing player freedom to pick and choose quest paths through a sprawling urban landscape. The game feels oddly familiar, but when one delves deeper into Saints Row 2 the numerous additions and changes to the genre become more apparent alongside a seemingly intentional contrast to the realistic maturity of Grand Theft Auto IV. Never taking itself too seriously, Saints Row 2 is a refreshing take on the genre that continually entertains with a blend of immature action-based fun alongside a well developed and exciting story.

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Review: Mirror’s Edge

Mirror's Edge

Developer – EA Digital Illusions CE
Publisher – Electronic Arts
Available On – PC, XBOX 360, Playstation 3
Reviewed On – XBOX 360

Bounding into stores in acrobatic style this holiday season is the most unique title to be found from the gaming fiesta of ’08, Mirror’s Edge. Scaling heights in creativity and atmosphere Mirror’s Edge is definitely a refreshing title that tries something new and stands out amongst the rest, coming to us straight from EA’s Digital Illusions CE, famous for their recurring first person shooter Battlefield franchise. Mirror’s Edge may retain the first person aspect of the Battlefield series but with a focus on weaponless combat and environmental navigation the similarities end there. Ingenuity and absorbing art design polish the experience of playing as the spunky new Asian acrobat Faith but it doesn’t stop her from frequently slipping up and spoiling what could have been a much smoother affair.

Don't look down, or up.

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Review: Fallout 3

Developer – Bethesda Softworks
Publisher – Bethesda Softworks
Available On – XBOX 360, Playstation 3, PC.
Reviewed On – XBOX 360.
Official Site

Of all my planned holiday locations for this Christmas, a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. wasn’t on the list. I’ve never even been overseas. Claiming this is now difficult, having survived the wastelands of Bethesda’s Fallout 3. Continuing a stellar series of role playing games, Bethesda have managed to build even more on a popular franchise, delivering on every expectation and despite a few bugs along the way the overall experience is immeasurable in grandeur, a role playing adventure like no other that adapts and takes form as the player progresses and continually rewards those who explore and discover the exciting world.

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When You Gonna Call?

Atari have announced a release date alongside a new trailer for the new video game set as an official third installment for the Ghostbusters films.

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the original film release North America will bust ghosts come June 16th while Europe and the rest of the world will get their ghost on June 19th.

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eGames ’08 With Elika

Where last year previously boasted the impressive Assassin’s Creed this year at eGames ’08 Ubisoft presented Prince Of Persia on the main screen to a receptive and always numerous group of onlookers.

Ubisoft presents Prince Of Persia – eGames ’08 Preview

Official Site

Release Date – Early December 2008

Platform – XBOX 360, PS3, PC

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Review: Star Wars The Force Unleashed

Developer – LucasArts (PS3, 360) – Krome Studios (Wii, PS2, PSP) – n-Space (NDS) – Universomo (Mobile Phone, N-Gage)
Publisher – LucasArtsTHQ Wireless
Available On – XBOX 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP, NDS, iPhone, iTouch, N-Gage
Reviewed On – XBOX 360

Please note this review is for the PS3 and 360 versions developed by LucasArts. Alternate versions on other consoles are coming from different developers that could provide a significantly different experience.

The Force Unleashed is the first Star Wars game in a long time to bring enough ingenuitive promise in both technical prowess and illustrative narration to stand out among all the others. Star Wars games are continually following one after another so with Lucasarts focusing a lot of attention on the technical capabilities of The Force Unleashed (TFU) and the incorporated engines, it all shows to great merit. The Force Unleashed while based on Lucasarts’ own proprietary software utilises several external components such as NaturalMotion’s Euphoria AI system (last seen in Grand Theft Auto IV), the Digital Molecular Matter engine from Pixelux for destructive environment capabilities, while body physics are excessively emphasised via the Havok physics engine.

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Review: Ninja Gaiden II

Developer – Team Ninja
Publisher – Microsoft Game Studios
Available On – XBOX 360
Reviewed On – XBOX 360

Violence, looks, speed, and violence. It was a very impressive package to be presented with all in the first level of Ninja Gaiden II. Right from the start the quick moving and unrelenting action started and didn’t let go. A few missions in and one begins to familiarise themselves with the combat, timing and abilities of the most recent incarnation of Ryu Hayabusa. While I have experience with a few odd past Ninja Gaiden titles, I had heard of the notorious difficulty of the past Ninja Gaiden XBOX title yet not having played it I gritted myself and prepared for Ninja Gaiden II.

As I mentioned Ninja Gaiden II throws a lot at you right from the start. The graphics are initially extremely impressive with everything having a smooth glossy sheen with not a jaggy in sight. The action is immediately intense and very fast flowing with little introductions leaving the player to decipher most of Continue reading Review: Ninja Gaiden II

Review: Grand Theft Auto IV

Developer – Rockstar North
Publisher – Rockstar Games
Available on – PS3, 360, PC

“We’re broadcasting live from the streets of Liberty City”

Returning to the streets of Liberty City gives a certain vibe. The dank, musty air; the abuse of random pedestrians. Yes, these are my streets. While all the corruption remains with the wavering permittance for violent crime sprees, and the multi-cultural supremacy of crime and thug syndicates, something is new. The city has matured, expanded – not only thanks to an entirely new game engine for the Grand Theft Auto series, but a sophisticated new direction for story, narrative, characters and setting. Continue reading Review: Grand Theft Auto IV