Viva Voce Video Games

Now days it’s less Viva Voce (Word of mouth) and more Viva Twtter but despite the medium shift people still love to speak their minds about the latest upcoming video games.

The Social Analyst, the official blog for the team behind the online discussion monitoring tool Online 1984, have released an interesting report on ranking the games still to come out in 2011 based on comments on social media, forums and blogs across the web. The most interesting result being Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s 3rd place ranking in the battle of the threes, behind Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3. Check out the chart below and click through to the article.

Battlefield Bonanza!

Electronic Arts seemed to have their hands busy with the closed BETA for their upcoming free to play ‘cartoon shooter’ Battlefield Heroes, which has so far seen over 100,000 signatures of eager gamers trying to get into the next online FPS experience early.

Re-structuring old gameplay around the same familiar Battlefield mechanics, Battlefield Heroes looks to be a blast for a free download on PC with a colourful art style and unique features such as special character abilities and customization options and even an optional third person camera view.

With Battlefield Heroes scheduled for release around April, it’s only the beginning of the Battlefields to come with Electronic Arts announcing another two Battlefield titles. Both scheduled for release this year, console gamers can look forward to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 continuing the story of the original console hit with a series of updates; as well as Battlefield 1943 – a remake of the classic Battlefield 1942 for XBOX 360, Playstation 3 as well as PC.

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