Resident Evil 6: Even Evilier Resedition!

OK, it’s not actually called that but a Collector’s Edition of the upcoming 6th (if you don’t count the other 17) game in the Resident Evil franchise has just been announced!

The Resident Evil Collector’s Edition will include the standard retail game housed in a Zombie Steel Book. In addition to this, fans will also be treated to:

  • Exclusive RE6 hardback artbook showing concept art from the game
  • Avatar DLC code for 360 owners OR an exclusive Dynamic Theme for PS3 owners
  • Ivy University, Tall Oaks hooded sweatshirt (one size)
  • The RE6 forces emblems – High quality enamelled zinc alloy emblems of the three main protagonists (Leon, Chris & Jake) squad insignias, mounted and set in a limited numbered frame authenticated with signatures from Senior producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi , Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and RE6 Director Eiichiro Sasaki
  • All of the above amazing goodies are bundled together in the ‘Needle Bomb’ collectors box (as seen in the RE6 announce trailer) with lenticular images

Will I pick it up? The game definitely, as I was a huge fan of RE5. In fact it’s one of my favourite games on the Xbox 360, mostly due to it’s incredibly intense couch co-op.

Will I pick up the Collector’s Edition? Maybe, the art book, emblems and hoodie are cool but everything else is just filler. So ultimately like most things it will come down to price… which has yet to be announced.

A limited number of the Resident Evil 6: Collector’s Editions will be available for pre-order in Australia through EB Games and JB Hi-Fi.

Source: THQ Australia & New Zealand

Review: Asura’s Wrath

Developer: CyberConnect2/Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Available on: PS3, Xbox 360
Reviewed on: PS3

Asura’s Wrath was a game I’d little followed since its announcement as generally I hold little interest in games so intensely ‘Japanese’, so when a review copy fell into my lap I ventured into the experience largely blind. This is a rare thing for me and something I’m starting to really appreciate in this age of perpetual hype and teasers upon teasers leading up to release, but I digress.

You are Asura, one of eight generals in the demi-god army of some-such, defending the space Karma Fortress against the impure Gohma who are disliked for their impurity or something. Continue reading Review: Asura’s Wrath

Hash Tag Games: Street Fighting Movies

Twitter hash tag games have quickly become a very popular way to pass the time in lines, waiting for a waiter or just when you’ve got nothing better to do.

Recently team members and friends of Space Meat have been launching their own geeky versions of these games and we’ve decided to highlight some of the best of the bunch.

If you want to take part in future hash tag games be sure to follow @SpaceMeatAU or myself (@LiamJM) and keep an eye out.

Thanks to @VanStrapp and @JemryRockets.

Review: Street Fighter IV

Developer – CAPCOM
Publisher – CAPCOM
Available On – XBOX 360, Playstation 3, PC
Reviewed On – XBOX 360 & Playstation 3
Official Site – Street Fighter IV

For ten long years fans have been waiting, through countless spin-offs and alterations on past titles to all sorts of ports and remakes, Street Fighter has had a long history in the arcade and on home consoles. Though the series has seen such a legacy there are some underlying foundations that remain right through to this latest installment, with a vibrant art style and wonderful characters, combos and controls all within a solid technical fighting game that can be learned in a day or mastered in a lifetime.

At its core Street Fighter IV is recognisable and instantly playable by anyone who has handled the earlier games. Two fighters duke it out on a 2D plane with a variety of combos and abilities unique to each character, with most abilities performed just the same as before. The combos can range from the simple to the absurd, and as each is custom tailored to a character a steep learning curve exists for anyone wanting to gain the skill to step into the online arena.

Street Fighter IV will feel familiar, for sure, but anyone expecting to simply carry across past skills without respect for new abilities such as the Focus Attack and Revenge Ultra will definitely end up paying the price. Continue reading Review: Street Fighter IV

Resident Evil 5 XBOX 360 Demo Released Tomorrow, Available Now

Japan’s XBOX 360 gamers have had access to a demo of Resident Evil 5 featuring new enemies and areas since early December 2008. While the demo will be available to the rest of the world tomorrow January 26th, it seems not everyone will be playing catch-up to explore the inital offerings of this next installment, as the demo is currently available online for free easy and legal download to anyone with bandwidth and a blank DVD.

After a brief experience with early code last November I know I’m definitely keen to get into this demo ASAP but whether to wait and save some effort is up to you.

Simple instructions to obtain the demo Continue reading Resident Evil 5 XBOX 360 Demo Released Tomorrow, Available Now