Review: Mass Effect 3

Developer: Bioware
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Available on: Windows, PS3, Xbox 360
Reviewed on: Xbox 360

When it comes to expectations on a video game few compare to the anticipation of Mass Effect 3. The Mass Effect series is now revered among gamers with a place in history and a large dedicated fan base. Now with Mass Effect 3 comes the final conclusion– does it live up to the hype?

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EA Can And Shelve Tiberium

Electronic Arts have regretfully informed Kotaku that the upcoming first person shooter set in the Command & Conquer universe, Tiberium, has been canceled with no further intentions for production.

Shaping up as a solid spiritual successor to C&C Renegade, Tiberium was looking quite seductive with intended plans for XBOX 360, PS3 and PC. Renegade was quite good on PC with competent single and multi player modes so I’m disappointed to see this one isn’t going to make the cut.

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