Jordan’s Top Ten Games For 2008

With 2008 well wrapped up and done it’s clear to see it was quite a year. After the stellar line-up of ’07 few were expecting ’08 to pack as much of a punch as it certainly did, shaping up in my opinion as a step above 2007 with many huge releases still being played into the new year.

Some big titles are already out and on the horizon for 2009 so it’s time to get down to the essentials of ’08 and make sure nothing is missed before the New Year consumes us all.

The following is a list of my favourite games released in 2008. Despite trying, my mere mortal self was not able to play every single game released last year. Unfortunately until I learn to complete multiple titles at once or invent some form of game skill enhancing bio-augmentation this will be the case, so take the following as only my personal picks for the best ten games of last year.

10. Gears of War 2
XBOX 360

For me Gears of War 2 is a multiplayer experience. Not having Continue reading Jordan’s Top Ten Games For 2008

EA Delay – The Sims 3, Godfather II and Dragon Age: Origins

Few are safe from the repercussions of an economical recession. While Nintendo are counting piles of money atop both the hardware and software sales charts for the world in 2008 other companies are facing mass lay-offs, closures and cancellations as the industry starts to show some cracks from the latest financial crisis. Electronic Arts have been no exception, closing studios and canceling titles (such as Tiberium) as necessary to keep their heads above water in a competitive market.

Undoubtedly EA’s biggest title of 2009’s current line-up, The Sims 3, has been postponed Continue reading EA Delay – The Sims 3, Godfather II and Dragon Age: Origins

Supanova ’09

Exploding across Australia again this year is Supanova, the biggest pop culture expo in the country celebrating all things geek. Hitting Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth throughout 2009 the expo is looking bigger and better than ever with a stellar initial lineup of guests for the Brisbane and Melbourne events.

Featuring a range of stars from popular series of all sorts of media Supanova is catering to all kinds of geek this year with appearances from the cast and crew of titles such as Heroes, Firefly, Stargate, The Dark Knight, various anime series and one of my personal favourite cartoons – Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The guests keep going so be sure to check out the list below.

The line-up boasts some big names and with Continue reading Supanova ’09

Review: Dead Space

Dead Space

Developer – EA Redwood Shores
Publisher – Electronic Arts
Available On – XBOX 360, Playstation 3, PC
Reviewed On – XBOX 360

Space; it certainly isn’t living. While it’s not dead either it’s about to get a lot more of the latter with Electronic Art’s latest space-based action horror title Dead Space. Mashing elements of third person survival horror against fast paced action, Dead Space combines the best traits of some well known series to tell a horrific tale of discovery and survival set within the bowels of a recovered mining space ship, the Ishimura.

Dead Space 1

While “Resident Evil in space” is often an unfortunately accurate summary for the most part of Dead Space, one must look at the continual enhancements and refinements of the third person survival horror genre presented within. The audio package is top notch and well realised, utilised to the full potential that clear and appropriate sound effects can have in establishing an atmosphere in horror Continue reading Review: Dead Space

Game Damage Full Pilot Available

The Game Damage crew have released the full pilot of their television series on YouTube for media and fans to see an early sample of what the guys have planned for the new series.

Yahtzee also joined Matt and Yug on another Australian Gamer podcast to discuss feedback and plans for the series so it’s definitely worth a listen.

Check out the pilot above and be sure to visit the official site, hit the forums, and let them know what you think!

Valhalla In Adelaide

Alienware and Valhalla LAN parties are teaming up to bring you the Gears Of War 2 Reloaded LAN Event in Adelaide, January 16 – 17th.

Packing quite a punch over the last World At War Extravaganza, the next LAN event run by Valhalla will feature Continue reading Valhalla In Adelaide

Rockstar Reveal – Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Info + Images

Rockstar Games have given more information on their first ever DS title revealed at E3 ’08 – Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

Alongside the official box art above a worldwide release date of March 2009 was given; the official site is still bare bones but Rockstar are promising to follow this up with more info soon.

Gamespot and several online gaming sites have found leaked magazine scans of an interview with Rockstar Games vice president Dan Houser for details concerning GTA on the DS and it’s M rating.

Huang Lee is our new protagonist, a feisty Triad member Continue reading Rockstar Reveal – Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Info + Images

Game Damage Premiere – New TV Show Featuring Yahtzee, Yug and Matt


Premiered in person at eGames ’08 was a brief preview of a new TV series being created and pitched worldwide by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw (Zero Punctuation) as well as Yug and Matt (Australian Gamer); Game Damage.

Game Damage Intro

Described as “The Chaser’s War On Everything meets Top Gear… about video games” by Yug, the threesome are currently Continue reading Game Damage Premiere – New TV Show Featuring Yahtzee, Yug and Matt

Gaming On In Brisbane

After huge success and a long run in Melbourne, Game On exhibition has already launched here in Brisbane, Queensland Australia for a good three months running November 17th 2008 through to February 15th 2009.

Game On Exhibition – The State Library Of Queensland – Brisbane – November 17th 2008 to February 15th 2009.

Dubbed “A Celebration Of Gaming Culture”, Game On features a huge back log of gaming’s history with an array of consoles and machines dating right back through gaming history.

Not only will a massive array of memorabilia be on display and available for play, but several events will also take place during the course of Game On’s time here in Brisbane.

Be sure to check out for a full list of expo content, ticket prices and special events.

Game On from GameOn Slq on Vimeo

LittleBigPlanet Units Recalled Worldwide

The biggest title for Sony this Christmas is definitely LittleBigPlanet, so sudden news of a delay on the PS3 blockbuster has hit a nerve on many pre-ordering gamers.

It’s only brief, while LittleBigPlanet’s initial release date of next week has only been pushed back to “the week of October 27th” the cause of the delay is what’s most interesting in this case.

In a world of continuous battles against violence sex and drug use in video games this time around a completely kiddy friendly title has felt some pressure entirely due to specific music use. A Muslim user has picked up on a level in LittleBigPlanet playing background music sampling lines from the Muslim Qu’ran and rapidly pointed it out in a thread on Playstation forums. Continue reading LittleBigPlanet Units Recalled Worldwide