Review | Red VS Blue (Season 9)

It’s not often a team of people can create a machinima series and really make it work. Make it stick through so many years of episodes and content to the point where it crosses between games in a franchise and becomes a true part of the franchise itself. Continue reading Review | Red VS Blue (Season 9)

XBOX Live – Keeping the Dream Alive

April 15th 2010 marked the day Microsoft shut down service for original XBOX Live titles. It was a sad day that saw the end of a legacy of great online games that were still being played such as Counter-Strike, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Crimsons Skies and of course the legendary Halo 1 & 2.

Well it looks like some fans aren’t quite willing to let go yet. While the matchmaking service for original XBOX Live has ceased any games that were still running at the deadline continued to run and still do to this day. It has been over two weeks now and a small group of avid Halo 2 fans are reported to be keeping XBOX a-Live with the remaining matches lifespan resting on the eventuality of a console or network failure; or when Microsoft decide to permanently flick the switch.

For now Continue reading XBOX Live – Keeping the Dream Alive