Fund This: Beckoning the Butcher

Local Melbournian film-makers Damien E. Lipp and Dale Alexander are working on their début feature, the documentary style horror film, ‘Beckoning the Butcher’.

The film is currently in the funding stage, up now on the crowd funding site Indie Go Go with 10 days to go and is a great opportunity for film and horror fans to support the local scene.

Check out the teaser below and help these young film-makers reach their goal!


Chris Shaw was an up and coming internet sensation. In his videos he performed rituals he found on the web, testing their legitimacy in summoning spirits. His last video never got to be broadcast – until now.

Chris films everything as he, his girlfriend Tara and their friends Brent, Lorraine and Nicole travel to Brent’s holiday house nestled in the vast, isolated plains of rural Victoria. Once they arrive they prepare and perform the latest ritual Beckoning the Butcher, a mysterious invocation Chris found online, designed to entice a paranormal entity into this world.

All who took part in the ritual that night went missing without a trace. The only clue for investigators was the found footage contained on Chris’s camera. Unfortunately for all involved, the footage itself seemed to pose more questions than to provide answers.

Using interviews from family members, detectives and psychics, along with Chris’s footage, this film aims to piece together the events of that fateful night and determine how the players vanished.

Supanova ’09

Exploding across Australia again this year is Supanova, the biggest pop culture expo in the country celebrating all things geek. Hitting Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth throughout 2009 the expo is looking bigger and better than ever with a stellar initial lineup of guests for the Brisbane and Melbourne events.

Featuring a range of stars from popular series of all sorts of media Supanova is catering to all kinds of geek this year with appearances from the cast and crew of titles such as Heroes, Firefly, Stargate, The Dark Knight, various anime series and one of my personal favourite cartoons – Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The guests keep going so be sure to check out the list below.

The line-up boasts some big names and with Continue reading Supanova ’09

Scott Edgar and the Universe

Scott Edgar and the Universe

Scott Edgar and the Universe’s self titled album is already out and available for your aural enjoyment, but it is officially launching at a performance in Melbourne next Wednesday.

1. Trapped in a Constable
2. Hole In the Head Man
3. Alone
4. Tattoos
5. The Ballad of Osiris Stark
6. Under a Hotel Room Moon
7. Stuyveys
8. One Lost Dog
9. The Sofa Song
10. Odetta
11. Back to the Sea
12. Sydney
13. Met My Match
14. Elephants

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Bazura07 tonight @ 8:30PM!

The best show on C31 and one of the best movie shows ever, The Bazura Project is back-ish. Well Lee and Shannon are back but this time teaming up with C31’s The Breakfast Show host Emma Race and 2006 Class Clowns winner Adam Knox for the Election 2007: Countdown to a Letdown. After a couple of years using their razor sharp (or at least blunt but jagged and rusty) wit to attack the fools who dare to entertain us with moving pictures, the guys are now going one on however many candidates there are and taking on the 2007 election.

ELECTION 2007: COUNTDOWN TO A LETDOWN is the funniest election coverage you’re likely to see. Except for The Chaser. And Micallef will probably do something really good. And Ray Martin always cracks us up. But if you discount them, we’re the ones you’re going to want to watch. Join Adam Knox, Shannon Marinko, Emma Race and Lee Zachariah on Election Eve (Friday the 23rd of November) for our countdown… to a letdown.

Friday 23rd @ 8:30PM

Stream it online later tonight at the Official Site

Fun “Fact”: The Bazura Project is the only C31 show I have ever liked and I think they deserve to picked up on another channel. Seriously, just check out all the nice things I have said about them.