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Now days it’s less Viva Voce (Word of mouth) and more Viva Twtter but despite the medium shift people still love to speak their minds about the latest upcoming video games.

The Social Analyst, the official blog for the team behind the online discussion monitoring tool Online 1984, have released an interesting report on ranking the games still to come out in 2011 based on comments on social media, forums and blogs across the web. The most interesting result being Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s 3rd place ranking in the battle of the threes, behind Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3. Check out the chart below and click through to the article.

Review: Haze (PS3)

Free Radical is an interesting developer for two reasons. The first point of interest is that the company was founded by several former employees of Rare. Back on the Nintendo 64, Rare redefined the first person shooter with Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Free Radical went on to create their own first person shooter series called Time Splitters, which was praised for its fast paced multiplayer action. Free Radical also created Second Sight, a fantastic game which combined the stealth genre with psychic powers.

The other interesting thing about Free Radical is you could always tell their games apart by their signature art style with subtly caricatured characters. Free Radical has now made their foray into the next generation of consoles with Haze – another first person shooter. While Haze unfortunately lacks Free Radicals iconic art style, it still has ties to Second Sight for having a story filled with conspiracies, corruption and corporations.

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Review: Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil 3 Extinction poster

To be honest, I have never seen any of the other Resident Evil movies or played any of the games. Shameful, I know, but it does provide me the vantage point of viewing the film on its own terms. As for understanding the plot, I had no trouble. All the information you need going into the movie is that there are lots of zombies, the Umbrella corporation is behind it and Alice (Milla Jovavich) kicks ass. The film creates a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by zombies, leaving few human survivors. The creation of this world is quite impressive with hundreds of decaying undead overwhelming decaying buildings that are surrounded by desert in all directions. It looks great and feels reminiscent of Tank Girl and the Mad Max films. In this barren wasteland food, petrol and cigarettes are in short supply. However, makeup appears to be plentiful. It also appears that the survivors of the zombie plague tend to be young, attractive men and women. However, if a human character is ugly or wears a suit, you know they’re evil. Speaking of evil characters, the chairman of the Umbrella Corporation would win the award for worst costume design with his blonde hair, sunglasses and suit combo. And despite the situation, survivors of the zombie plague always seem to make time to apply makeup, eyeliner and cut their hair nicely. The most disheveled a face gets in this movie is being a bit unshaven. Or getting mauled by a zombie.

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