Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Developer: Danger Close
Publisher: EA
Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Reviewed on: Xbox 360 & PC


Well here it is folks, EA’s latest multi-million dollar ‘hey we’re cool like COD’ shooter. Yes EA has made it incredibly easy to be cynical about their big releases what with their corporate attitude & business practices both being what they are, but despite all that is Medal of Honor: Warfighter worth a look?

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Valhalla In Adelaide

Alienware and Valhalla LAN parties are teaming up to bring you the Gears Of War 2 Reloaded LAN Event in Adelaide, January 16 – 17th.

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Call Of Duty: World At War BETA Multiplayer Preview

Previewed On: XBOX 360 / PC

Treyarch are taking players back to World War II in Call Of Duty: World At War (CoD: WaW) and despite a return to one of the most common and reused settings for a first person shooter ever the numerous changes and additions prove it’s not just any old return to form.

As much as many never want to see World War II from a first person perspective again from first play of World At War the collaboration of the CoD 4 engine against the Pacific rim environments create a new and exciting experience be it an essentially familiar game. The perks and experience system of CoD 4 multiplayer are included and expanded upon with players gaining XP and unlocking new weapons in the same manner as before with a large range of selectable perks new and old.

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Aliens At War – Melbourne Call Of Duty Launch Event

Activision and Alienware are teaming up to host a huge event in Melbourne, Australia for the launch of Call Of Duty: World At War.

Running 24 hours long this November 8th, the event is looking to be a real blast. Not only will Call Of Duty: World At War be playable across 100 XBOX 360s and 100 Alienware PC rigs throughout the event but a plethora of freebies will also be provided.

If excessive quantities of game time with the biggest upcoming unreleased First Person Shooter on the horizon isn’t enough, and if the bags of swag don’t satiate for the full day event, Laser Skirmish will also be running for anyone wanting to bring their real A game.

It’s not just World At War either. Activision will be rolling out other titles such as the unreleased 007: Quantum Of Solace video game and Alienware will be sure to impress with displays of their top-notch PC gaming rigs.

At only $29 there’s no reason to miss this so check out the official site or buy tickets here.

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Review: Lions for Lambs

Lions for Lambs poster
It’s nice to be surprised. Judging from the trailers in which a stern faced Tom Cruise asks: “do you want to win the war on terror; yes or no?” I had expected a big dumb film which glorified the giant clusterfuck which is America’s war on terror. The opening moments seemed to assert this idea. It begins with a series of extreme close ups of documents (including graphs showing ‘confidence on winning the war on terror’), Tom Cruise as a preachy, warmongering senator and a ridiculous musical score full of pounding notes of doom. But then it changes, subverts your initial expectations and becomes something else. Lions for Lambs is actually a smart film which debates the present state of the war, making clever use of simultaneous story threads to create a thought provoking hour and a half. So instead of slagging it, I now get to discuss intelligently discuss and evaluate this highly political film.

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